Nino Schurter teaches you the basics to fly and descent faster on your MTB

Mountain bike 28/06/22 16:20 Migue A.

Nine-time World Champion Nino Schurter is back at the helm of the "FITTER.FASTER.STRONGER" series. And in this episode he goes back to the basics of mountain biking so that anyone can learn the fundamentals of the Bunny Hop, downhill technique and Whip theory.

MTB basics explained by Nino Schurter

Here are the steps that Schurter takes to perform each movement, but we anticipate that to master them you need more practice than theory.

Bunny Hop

  1. Preload (sink fork)
  2. Front wheel up
  3. Get into the manual position
  4. Get your hip up forward.

Descent technique

  1. Always stand
  2. Cranks horizontal
  3. (Almost) straight legs
  4. Elbows slightly out
  5. Scan trail ahead

How to whip your bike on a jump

  1. Push down on handlebars
  2. Point legs and hips in the opposite direction to the handlebars.
  3. Try small jumps before attempting larger jumps.

We're not going to fool you, looking at Nino it seems that anyone can do it, but the truth is that you will have to dedicate a few hours to master these moves. Once you do, your level and downhill speed will be catapulted.



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