New UCI guideline regarding hookless tires

Road 29/03/24 12:04 Migue A.

The UCI is taking the first steps to clarify the convenience and safety of hookless tires. The governing body urges teams, officials, and riders in the peloton to report any incidents related to them and sets the medium and long-term goals that should guide the course of future decisions.

The UCI and hookless tires: gathering information, preparing measures for 2025, and analyzing current requirements

The debate about hookless tires has shaken the cycling world in recent weeks and has made headlines around the globe. Incidents at the Strade Bianche and the UAE Tour -when Adam Hansen, president of the Professional Cyclists Association, pointed them out as responsible for Thomas de Gendt's fall- caused a wave of concern among some industry players. Doubts put safety at the center of criticism, while manufacturers raised their voices and defended themselves.

The UCI decided to take action and earlier this month explained that it was studying the issue. Several weeks later, it now issues a statement setting short, medium, and long-term goals to address all concerns raised by hookless tires.

Firstly, in the short term, it asks teams, officials, and riders to report any incidents related to this type of tires. Additionally, it reminds of the requirements established in the UCI Technical Regulations for compliance with ISO standards, which "provide a framework for tire and wheel width compatibility on bicycles." 

The document warns that these standards have not always been respected and leaves open the possibility that this may have contributed to some of the incidents that have occurred. However, it also acknowledges that compliance with ISO standards is hindered by the fact that manufacturers base their tire and wheel compatibility recommendations on those provided by the European Tire and Rim Technical Organization (ETRTO), which do not always align with ISO standards.

In the medium term, the UCI has already commissioned SafeR -a recently established safety entity- to work with all stakeholders -teams, riders, and industry- to "explore possible improvements and clarifications" regarding the use of hookless tires with tubeless tires of significant interest to be incorporated into the UCI Regulations.

These recommendations will be considered for implementation in 2025 and will be based on the immediate goal of the UCI: the information that teams, officials, and riders provide regarding any incidents related to hookless tires.

Finally, in the long term, the UCI will conduct a thorough analysis of the suitability of current requirements for the use of different types of equipment in competition -particularly wheels. The goal will be to ensure that these requirements guarantee the safety of riders, are suitable for professional cycling, and do not depend -solely or mostly- "on the diligence and internal processes of manufacturers."



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