New Quoc M3 Air: lighter, stiffer, and more ventilated

Road 29/03/24 10:46 Migue A.

Quoc lands in the professional peloton with carbon shoes that improve the performance of any other footwear the brand has designed before. The M3 Air weigh 232 grams, are available for 380 euros, and are already worn by a star like Geraint Thomas.

Quoc M3 Air: the shoes that have set the pace to reach elite cycling

Manufacturers coexist in a constant attempt to capture the attention of customers. It is a tough competition to gain market share and get the best piece of the pie. Brands often understand that professional cycling is an unbeatable showcase to promote their products, so they try to make a space among the best cyclists in the world. Thus, Quoc decided to enter the peloton and started developing shoes that meet the highest level required by the stars of this sport.

The Quoc M3 Air are the result of the experience and learning that the brand acquired over more than ten years with the Mono model. Efforts focused on seeking maximum performance and a precise and comfortable fit, for which they relied on the feedback and impressions of some of the best cyclists in the world -the brand keeps the names secret-.

The British thus managed to design their lightest and stiffest shoes. Although the weight barely varies compared to the Mono II -232 grams versus 244 grams, respectively-, the main differences appear in foot support and fit.

The asymmetrical design that dispenses with a tongue is one of the most striking features. This way, they manage to avoid the "structural obstructions" created by this part of the shoe and the upper part is built in several layers, stands out for its resistance and is made from two pieces of synthetic TPU. They claim that this way they achieve natural movement at this point and that the mesh panels provide "maximum ventilation in warm and high-intensity conditions."

Quoc has used a new last that equalizes comfort and provides a better fit with fewer pressure points; specifically, support increases in the ball of the foot and the neoprene toe box is given more space to relieve pressure. In addition, the shoes close with the brand's Dual-Dial Closure and have a rigid carbon fiber sole to maximize power.

Quoc announced a sponsorship agreement with Geraint Thomas for the next two seasons -2024 and 2025-.

Quoc M3 Air

The new Quoc M3 Air shoes are offered in ten sizes -from 38 to 47; the brand recommends the larger size if between two sizes- and are only available in white.

  • Material: laminated TPU mesh (upper) / hand-laminated unidirectional carbon fiber (sole)
  • Color: white
  • Sizes: 38-47
  • Weight: 232 grams
  • Price: 380 euros

You can find more information on the Quoc website.



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