New Powerstrap Aeroweave: Fizik presents the lightest cycling road shoe in its history

Road 13/04/24 09:00 Migue A.

Velcro closure and an ultralight Aeroweave upper material similar to mesh, along with a rigid carbon sole, are the ingredients with which Fizik has taken a step further in this version of the Powewstrap model, pushing the limits of lightness to the imaginable.

Fizik shaves every gram in their ultra-light Powerstrap Aeroweave

Just 184 grams per shoe. This is the incredible figure that Fizik has achieved in their new Powerstrap Aeroweave, the evolution of their lightest road shoe model where lightness does not compromise performance.

Like in the conventional Powerstrap, these Fizik Powerstrap Aeroweave reduce weight with a closure system featuring two wide velcro straps that cross diagonally over the instep, along with a material with a certain elasticity that provides a very firm grip.

However, the secret to the lightness of these Powerstrap Aeroweave lies in their mesh upper, made with a fabric of nylon fibers with thermoplastic polymer filaments. A very light material, similar to what some competition running shoes use, which despite its lightness, provides perfect foot support as required in a performance-oriented shoe.

The third pillar of these shoes is the R3 carbon sole, where the carbon laminate has been updated compared to the Powerstrap we already knew in order to shave off some grams. It maintains a stiffness rating of 10 out of 10 on Fizik's scale for their shoes and features two large ventilation openings as well as ribs on the base that guide airflow towards them. Additionally, following the advice of biomechanics, the cleat fixation allows for a wider range of adjustment, allowing for maximum rearward positioning, a position that more and more biomechanics recommend to solve certain foot problems.

Obviously, this meticulous construction and lightness come at a price, €350, with these Fizik Powerstrap Aeroweave available in white or coral/orange.



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