New MCC EVO and WS EVO, Corima updates its best wheels

Road 22/06/23 12:00 Migue A.

In MMC EVO Corima wheels, one of the reference wheel companies in the world of road cycling, puts the best of its technology. This can be corroborated by the Cofidis team riders who continually use them to the maximum in competition, the most demanding testing ground.

Corima MMC EVO, performance without compromise

The French brand Corima has just presented the update of its top of the range wheels with the latest technologies that are being applied, such as hookless rims for the use of tubeless tyres; or hubs with ratchet type freewheel system to improve the transfer of force.

What remains unchanged is the integrated 3K carbon fiber construction that is laminated on a foam core that, despite adding some extra weight, acts as a structural element that adds better carbon compaction and greater stiffness to the assembly. The carbon spokes as well as the hub body are also created in carbon forming a solid set.

We find the MMC EVO in two versions, the aforementioned hookless and, increasingly difficult to see in the ranges of the different brands, Corima maintains the tubular rim option. Whatever the version, both are available with 47 mm rim for those who prioritize aerodynamics or 32 profile, real climbers.

Corima has, in a second step, the WS EVO model whose rims are identical to those of the MMC. However, their construction is somewhat different since they use a conventional spoking system, with spokes also made of carbon fiber, and are more economical than their sisters at 1,990 € per pair.

Corima MMC EVO: Technical Data

  • Price: 3,690 € (standard bearings), 4,185 € (ceramic bearings)
  • Weight: 1,480 g (tubeless 47 mm), 1,445 g (tubeless 32 mm), 1,330 g (tubular 47 mm), 1,280 g (tubular 32 mm)
  • Profile: 47 or 32 mm
  • Internal width: 21 mm
  • External width: 26 mm




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Nuevas MCC EVO y WS EVO, Corima actualiza sus mejores ruedas