New hydration sensor Flowbio S1

Road 09/04/24 15:31 Migue A.

Being properly hydrated is essential for performance on the bike. To avoid cramps or a collapse, the British company Flowbio presents its hydration sensor S1, which allows us to know in real time on the screen of our bike computer the level of water in our body so we can replenish this liquid element appropriately.

Avoid the collapse with the new Flowbio S1 hydration sensor

Physiological parameter sensors provide invaluable information when it comes to achieving the best performance for cyclists, which is why devices capable of monitoring more data are appearing that can be used by trainers or the cyclists themselves to adjust the intensity of effort or nutrition and hydration during the ride.

Over the years, we have gone from traditional heart rate monitors to power meters that tell us instantly the power we apply to the pedals. Glucose monitors have also appeared to know the concentration of sugar in the blood, lactate meters to measure the concentration of this substance and thus know how much intense effort we can sustain, as well as monitoring the cyclist's activity and recovery 24 hours a day thanks to activity bracelets and rings.

Designed and developed in London, the Flowbio S1 hydration sensor measures in real time the amount of water and sodium in our body and, using advanced algorithms, generates a hydration profile of the cyclist and proposes a hydration plan to ensure maximum performance.

The Flowbio S1 device itself is a small clip that can be attached to our chest strap for heart rate monitoring or, if we use an optical sensor on the arm, we can also attach it there. The important thing for the measurement to be accurate is that the sensor is in contact with the skin.

Needless to say, the Flowbio S1 has been precisely calibrated during the manufacturing process to ensure completely accurate measurement through the cyclist's sweat. A device that is being used by cyclists from EF Education-EasyPost and is capable of displaying data on fluid and sodium loss on Garmin, Wahoo, Polar bike computers, as well as on applications like Zwift or TrainingPeaks, in addition to its own mobile application.

The Flowbio S1 is now available on the brand's website for a price of 329 pounds, approximately 384 euros.



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