New DT Swiss 350 hubs for road use

Road 28/01/23 14:00 Migue A.

Lighter and easier to maintain, the DT Swiss 350 now incorporate the Ratchet 36 SL System freehub technology, which makes these hubs one of the most reliable options for quality set-ups without increasing the cost of the wheels as in the case of the higher models in the range.

DT Swiss evolves its top-selling hub

Positioned as the third option in the range after the exquisite 180 and 240 hubs, the 350 model is the option that combines low cost with outstanding reliability.

Now, the Swiss firm has updated it, starting with the incorporation of the latest version of its Ratchet System freehub technology, the sprocket system that has been imitated ad infinitum by its competitors and which replaces the traditional ratchets, providing a much more forceful transfer of force thanks to its greater number of anchorage points compared to the 3 or 6 ratchets of conventional hubs.

A Ratchet 36 SL system that DT Swiss evolved several seasons ago with 36-tooth wheels, which provides a 10° engagement angle, less than with the 18 teeth of the original Ratchet System used by the previous 350 hubs. In addition, it is possible to upgrade the hub to the Ratchet 54 SL which offers an even faster engagement with its 6.7 degrees of anchorage.

The use of its evolved Ratchet System is partly responsible for the 5% weight reduction of the 350 hubs in the conventional spoke version, a figure that increases to 10% for the straight spoke option.

Another highlight is the redesign of the hub so that it is removable without tools. This gives the option to replace the hub in case you want to use another system or to perform cleaning and maintenance tasks in a very simple way.

By the way, DT Swiss will have hubs for Shimano's Micro Spline, SRAM's XDR and Campagnolo's N3W, although the latter will only be available as a loose hub option, with the original hub not being available in this version.

Speaking of versions, in addition to the aforementioned conventional or straight spoke alternatives, DT Swiss offers versions of these 350 hubs for both 12 mm thru axles and traditional quick-release hubs, as well as hole options: 20, 24, 28 and 32 for conventional spokes and 20 or 24 holes in the straight spoke versions, as well as versions for brake pads.

These new DT Swiss 350 hubs will be available soon and the brand has already announced a price of 84,90 € for the front and 214,90 € for the rear.



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