What is BH hiding?, first images of what seems to be a completely new MTB

Mountain bike 17/03/24 18:53 Migue A.

The BH Coloma Team cyclist Jofre Cullel had an intense weekend of competitions after winning the Gavà Catalan Cup on Saturday and finishing second on Sunday in the Ancín Superprestige sprint. But in addition to his performance, the Catalan attracted many looks by competing with a mysterious BH prototype with the central area of the bike hidden.

BH tests something in competition and it could be a completely new model

BH tests in competition a prototype that hides the central area, what could it be?

For a brand like BH to decide to expose a prototype in competition and under the feet of Jofre Cullel means that something new could be about to arrive in its catalog. But this time everything is quite puzzling since we were not expecting any updates to their XCO models. The BH Ultimate EVO, their hardtail model, was introduced in 2022 and is completely updated in terms of stiffness and lightness compared to its competitors. The same goes for its popular BH Lynx Race 2024 full suspension model that was presented just a few months ago and has just debuted a new setup thanks to the Flight Attendat suspensions. So what could BH be testing?

From the images, it can be deduced that it is a full suspension mountain bike, since although the shock absorber area is hidden, the bike has a rear swingarm and from the remote handlebar control a cable comes out for the shock absorber. And if we sharpen our sight, we could affirm that it has a pivot point in the rear axle area, indicating that it would have BH's acclaimed Split Pivot system.

But due to the distances and lines, it doesn't seem to be a BH Lynx on which they are testing some new component.

Jofre Cullel competed for the first time with this BH prototype in the Ancín Superprestige and finished second

Clearly, we have no idea what is under the cover with which BH has covered the central area of the bike and we can only think that it could be a completely new model. Could it be a short travel model in the line of the new Specialized Epic WC or the Trek Supercaliber?




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