The best mountain bike races to discover the planet

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If MTB is your passion, you will know some of the races that we are going to present today. Whenever a selection of this type is made, there is a risk of leaving out other races that are harder, more beautiful or even better, but we believe that our selection is representative of the essence of the best mountain bike races in the world.

1.Rovaniemi 150

This is not exactly a MTB race, since the bikes with which you run are fatbike. It is a non-stop race in which participants have to complete a circular route of 150 km on Polar terrain in less than 42 hours. As the name suggests, it is celebrated in Rovaniemi -Finland- and the first thing that the organization warns all those who want to participate is that "this is a dangerous race and the participants have to consider very seriously if they are physically and mentally prepared for this kind of racing." If you dare to participate here you have the official website and below you can find a complete documentary.

2.Cape Epic, possibly the best mountain bike race in the world

For many, this t is the best MTB race nowadays. It is a race in stages that runs 800 km through South Africa. This is a race in which you run for teams of two people and usually have a duration of 8 days. The Cape Epic attracts a large number of professional cyclists every year and has once been called the "Tour de France of MTB".

Absa Cape Epic 2016 Stage 2 - Tulbagh Stage 2 - 2016 Absa Cape Epic Mountain Bike Photo by Shaun Roy/Cape Epic/SPORTZPICS

3. Ruta de los conquistadores

If you are lucky enough to participate in this MTB race, you will be able to cross Costa Rica from the west to the east in about 320 km - divided in stages. For those who are not accustomed to the Caribbean climate, humidity and temperature differences can be the main setbacks, but without a doubt, the beauty of its landscapes makes it worthwhile.

La ruta de los conquistadores

4.Andalucía Bike Race

Undoubtedly, the landscapes and routes through which the Andalucía Bike Race passes already make this race a pure MTB experience. But also the high level of amateur and professional participants and the excellent organization have made the Andalucía Bike Race one of the best MTB races in the world.


A race divided in stages -6 days- that takes place between the provinces of Jaen and Cordoba -Andalusia, Spain-. The good climate and the landscapes of this area are the perfect environment to enjoy the Mountain Bike.

5.Yak Attack, the highest mountain pass in the world, 12000m (39,000ft) of vertical climbing

Certainly other spectacular and extreme MTB race. Its route of around 400 km is divided into 8 stages and runs through the foothills of the Himalayas.

If you like the mountain this is your race, although do not forget that the altitude makes the Yak Attack one of the hardest races in the world.



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