Lotto-Dstny will race with Orbea bicycles in 2024

Road 04/01/24 16:15 Migue A.

Lotto-Dstny ends a long period of collaboration with Ridley, one of the quintessential Belgian bike brands, to switch them for the Orbea Orca, uniting two of the territories, Euskadi and Belgium, where cycling is lived with great passion.

History and connection with competition go hand in hand in the collaboration between Orbea and Lotto-Dstny

With 38 years sponsoring the team, Lotto is today the longest-standing sponsor of a cycling team. On the other hand, Orbea, with 183 years behind it, is one of the oldest firms in the market and with a philosophy in which innovation and tradition go hand in hand, it has managed to position itself among the reference brands in the market.

Both Lotto-Dstny and Orbea, with such similar philosophies, with the importance that both give to their origins, in both cases, pure cycling land as are Euskadi and Belgium, were doomed to meet at some point along the way. And so it will be in this 2024 when the cyclists of the Belgian team will start using the Orca bikes from the Mallabia brand.

An announcement that, on the other hand, puts an end to the very long association that Lotto-Dstny maintained with Ridley.

From Orbea they trust that this new path together, of brands with relevance worldwide, will serve to expand the impact of both and strengthen the brand image. For his part, Stéphane Heulot, CEO of Lotto-Dstny pointed out that “The adaptation to the new bikes has been quick and the predisposition to continue working on their development is total. In this way, we will guarantee great sports results”.

Orbea has not yet revealed what the design of the bikes that Lotto-Dstny will use will be, something that, according to their own website, they will reveal on January 11th. Stay tuned.



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