New range of Leatt MTB shoes with WaffleGrip Pro sole

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Leatt renews its range of MTB shoes with four models. The South African brand presents in three of them the WaffleGrip Pro sole, designed to get a better grip on the pedals. Prices range from 119 euros to 209 euros.

Leatt HydraDri 7.0, the jewel in the crown of a range that thinks of everyone and excludes no one

Shoes are one of those essential accessories if we want to enjoy the best sensations when we go out to ride. Leatt has announced a new MTB range consisting of four models, each designed to meet the needs of a specific type of rider.

The most advanced model of the entire range is the HydraDri 7.0, a shoe made to face any weather condition. Two resources have been used for this purpose.

First, they have constructed the interior with HydraDri membrane, which the company claims offers 10K/10K waterproofing. Secondly, the outer shell is able to retain mud and water away from the internal lacing system.

The sole also wears the Leatt seal and is called RideGrip Pro, an improved version made of a 20% softer rubber than the standard one.

Even so, the most important feature of a sole of this type is its grip capacity. And this is where Leatt excels, since it assures that thanks to a special mixture of adherent rubber they achieve an "excellent" grip that guarantees stability and "maximum contact with the pedal".

The news doesn't stop there for Leatt's top-of-the-line model. The HydraDri 7.0 features a WaffleGrip Pro outsole pattern that allows all types of pedal pins to penetrate deeper for even more grip. In addition, they note that traction is also very good when walking. The price for this model is 209 euros.

The rest of the range: for clipless, downhill and casual pedals

The Leatt 4.0 Clip is the shoe for clipless pedals. In this case, they differ from the rest by the 25 mm indexed cleat channel and a 15 mm rear extension that relieves and relaxes the Achilles tendon. On the other hand, the ankle area is made of neoprene for extra comfort and protection.

This model is actually two: the lace-up version and the one with the MOZ micro-adjustable fit system. Leatt points out that they are made for extreme weather conditions, as well as highlighting their good drying and great ventilation. Finally, these shoes have RideGripe channels in the sole to keep mud out.

The price is 159 euros for the lace-up version and 179 euros for the MOZ system version.

The Leatt 3.0 is the enduro and downhill model. The sole has a medium stiffness and the areas that can suffer more - heel, instep and toe - are comfortable and protected.

The WaffleGrip Pro is once again present. The midsole is a blend of EVA and rubber that gives the "perfect amount of flex" on pedal contact, according to the manufacturer.

As in the previous case, here too there is a version with laces for 149 euros and another with MOZ for 169 euros.

The Leatt 2.0, the casual model that at first glance may appear to be an everyday shoe, is the crowning touch. Although, as sometimes happens, appearances can be deceiving, as they actually hide the RideGrip Pro sole and the WaffleGrip Pro pattern. The price of this model is 119 euros.

You can find further information on the Leatt website.



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Nueva gama de zapatillas MTB Leatt con suela WaffleGrip Pro