The latest from Trek puts an end to the mess of cyclist's cables and plugs

Bike components 08/03/24 11:52 Migue A.

Electronic components and devices have been the great cycling revolution of recent years. They have simplified mechanics while increasing performance and even reducing weight, but now cyclists have to make sure all these devices have battery when we want to go out for a ride. Trek tries to make things a little easier with its CHRGtime charging station.

A box to charge it all, that's the Trek CHRGtime

Trek CHRGtime: a charging station to keep all cycling electronic devices controlled in one place

As we were saying, electronic devices have multiplied so much in a matter of years that now when we go out for a ride we have to check their battery level one by one, find the charging cable for each one, locate them in various outlets, etc.

So that this whole process is simplified and we are less reluctant to check and charge them, Trek has presented a charging station that brings them all together in one place and charges them at the same time.

The charging station is highly customizable

The Trek CHRGtime charging station has four compartments where you can place all kinds of cycling devices, and through a system of six USB-C and Micro USB cables it allows you to customize and manage the cables of lights, GPS, batteries, and much more.

In addition, the Trek CHRGtime offers a unique charging status visualization system in which an LED indicator shows when the devices are charged and ready to be used.

Trek's latest product eliminates the tangle of cyclist cables and plugs at once

The charging station has a soft, flat rubber cover that provides space to charge devices on top while hiding the charging compartments at the bottom. Additionally, it has an external port on the back that allows you to charge larger devices such as phones or tablets.

Finally, its minimalist design and neutral colors allow you to place it anywhere in the house without it clashing with the decor.

The Trek CHRGtime station has a price of €99.99 and is already available through Trek's global network of distributors.



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