New Lapierre Prorace CF 2022: a softail redesigned to be lighter and more effective than ever

Mountain bike 21/09/22 11:24 Migue A.

French firm Lapierra has presented its new Prorace CF 2022, a softail redesigned from scratch based on competition and performance. The result is an innovative hardtail MTB that combines the reactivity and lightness of this type of bike with the comfort of greater absorption.

Lapierre Prorace CF 2022: specifications and new features

At first glance, the biggest difference in the new Prorace CF 2022 is the absence of the characteristic SAT system of the previous version. This was an elastomer that connected the rear stays to the top tube and provided controlled flex.

Lapierre has now opted to eliminate it in order to gain in lightness, but without sacrificing the comfort it provided. To do this, they have combined a new UD SLI carbon frame construction with the 3D Tubular concept that allows the frame structure to gain that flex.

The braces "jump" the vertical tube to dissipate vibrations along the top tube.

The new UD SLI carbon, now Lapierre's top of the range carbon, allows the thickness of the tubes to be reduced where possible thanks to its fibres. With this new carbon, the brand's engineers have optimised the rear triangle by playing with the lateral and vertical stiffness of the chainstays while allowing some flexibility to the stays to gain traction and comfort.

Thanks to the new UD SLI carbon, the frame of the Lapierre Prorace CF 2022 is 845g (size M) for the Team version and 970g for the regular version. That's a weight saving of 225g compared to the previous version.

Lapierre has been using the 3D Tubular concept on its road bikes since 2015 and is now transferring it to its hardtail MTB. The idea focuses on decoupling the seat stays from the seat tube to improve flexibility and transfer vibrations and other impacts to the top tube rather than directly to the seat tube. The choice of a 27.2mm diameter seat post improves the flex of the top tube which translates into comfort.

The new Lapierre Pro Race 2022 looks ready for any World Cup circuit.

If we take a look at the geometry of this new Prorace, we soon discover that this is a racing MTB and in line with the current trend, something that could take another direction in 2023 with the expected arrival of Lapierre in the World Cup. Compared to the previous model, the chainstays have been shortened by 8 mm, the reach has been increased by 20-22 mm depending on the size, the saddle angle has become more vertical, the steering angle is steeper and the centre of gravity has been lowered with a lower stack.

Models and prices

  • Prorace CF 9.9 – 5.999€
  • Prorace CF 8.9 – 4.399€
  • Prorace CF 7.9 – 3.299€
  • Prorace CF 6.9 – 2.699€
  • Prorace CF 5.9 – 1.999€

Lapierre has not yet given dates on the availability of the new model, but we do know that the Prorace CF 2022 will arrive in 5 configurations that can already be consulted in full on the website of the French brand.



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