Keller beats Pieterse and wins the XCC World Cup in Les Gets

Mountain bike 05/07/24 18:25 Migue A.

Alessandra Keller takes the victory in the Les Gets XCC World Cup. The Swiss rider led the rebellion against Pieterse, who escaped early but was eventually caught in a surprising final sprint. The Dutch rider had to settle for second place and Henderson finished third.


Keller beats Pieterse to claim victory in the Les Gets XCC World Cup

The XCC World Cup returned to Les Gets for the sixth race of the season. Pleasant temperatures welcomed the forty riders to the first challenge of the weekend. The start went smoothly with Jenny Rissveds taking the lead. Chiara Tecohhi found a gap to move up and take the lead early in the race.

The Italian rider showcased her usual early attack strategy in these types of races and led until Puck Pieterse took over at the beginning of the second lap.

The group stretched out more than usual, creating small gaps that threatened to shake up the race. Berta took the lead as the front group reached the most challenging section of the course, which concentrated most of the elevation gain. The pace was high, putting pressure on a peloton that resisted losing contact with the leaders.

However, Pieterse's determination paid off shortly after. The Dutch rider pushed hard on the pedals, gaining several meters of advantage. The gap was evident; the lead was increasing while no one behind could respond.

Pieterse continued her solo adventure. Her attack created distance, but the intensity of these races required staying calm and not being overly optimistic. Henderson, Richards, and Keller joined forces in a chasing group that also opened a gap with the rest.

The chase seemed to be coming to an end when Pieterse increased the pace again; after a brief respite where she was caught up, she pushed hard once more. Puck was able to maintain the pace and left the chasing trio ten seconds behind.

The tables turned when Keller and Henderson found a rhythm that allowed them to close much of the gap with Pieterse. Richards gave up on the mission as the two chasers caught up with the leader: a luxury trio to face the last lap and a half of the race.

With no one willing to take responsibility for leading the group, Richards showed determination to connect and completely change the script: a quartet at the front for the final lap.

The race had completely changed, denying Pieterse the chance to savor victory. Keller launched a tremendous attack that Pieterse could only respond to, but the Swiss rider eventually broke her and forced her to give in.

Keller sprinted to the finish line and raised her arms to seal the victory in the Les Gets XCC World Cup. Pieterse maintained composure and finished second, while Henderson took third place.

XCC World Cup Les Gets 2024 Results - Women's

  1. Alessandra Keller 19'50"
  2. Puck Pieterse +3"
  3. Rebecca Henderson +5"
  4. Evie Richards +10"
  5. Gwendalyn Gibson +26"
  6. Anne Terpstra +26"
  7. Savilia Blunk +27"
  8. Mona Mitterwallner +30"
  9. Kate Courtney +30"
  10. Jenny Rissveds +30"



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