J-Pedals easy release clipless, magnetic and modular pedals

Mountain bike 11/10/21 21:26 Migue A.

For some cyclists, clipless pedals are non-negotiable and they can't understand riding a road or mountain bike without them. The benefits of clipless pedals are also undeniable. However, there are many more cyclists who reject clipless pedals. For the latter, the magnetic pedals from J Pedals may be an alternative.

J-Pedals magnetic pedals are an interesting alternative for those who don't want clipless pedals yet

The big problem with clipless pedals is that many cyclists do not get used to turning the heel to remove the foot from the pedal, and this leads to many crashes. The adaptation period is usually not very long and the performance benefits are beyond doubt. But even so, there are many detractors, and even cyclists who refuse to try them.

The alternative proposed by J-Pedals is a model of pedals that are attached to the shoe by means of a powerful magnet. To release them, they only require an ankle movement that, according to the brand, is much more intuitive and natural than traditional clipless pedals. In addition, it is a modular pedal that can be used with mountain bike and road shoes.

This magnetic option is not the first time we've seen it on pedals, but it remains to be seen if the J-Pedals model really offers the same performance as traditional clipless pedals and allows pedalling force to be exerted when retrieving the foot upwards. What does seem certain is that at least the J-Pedals will avoid moving the shoe over the pedal, gaining efficiency.

As we have said, these are modular pedals valid for road and mountain. The pedal is the same and the only thing that varies is the cleat. For mountain a metallic SPD cleat with 2 screws, and for road a plastic piece is added to convert it into PD-R.

These J-Pedals with SPD cleats weigh 240g each, and with SPDR 256g. The full set is priced at $195 and the MTB-only version at $172. Both options are available on the official J-pedals.com website.



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