How to watch the CX World Cup in Hoogerheide: the last of the season and Van der Poel as top favorite

Cyclocross 28/01/24 08:50 Migue A.

The CX World Cup will lower the curtain on the season in the Dutch town of Hoogerheide. The riders will fine-tune their preparation before heading to the World Championship. Van der Poel is presented as the big favorite for victory, although the spotlight will also be on the duel between Iserbyt and Nieuwenhuis for the overall win. The main female cyclists will be in the female category.

Where and when to watch the Hoogerheide 2024 CX World Cup

The Hoogerheide CX World Cup takes place on Sunday, January 28. The broadcasts can be followed as always on Eurosport, Discovery+, Telenet PlaySports, Proximus Pickx, Flobikes or

Sunday, January 28, 2024

  • 13:40 Women's Elite
  • 15:10 Men's Elite

How does the CX World Cup arrive at Hoogerheide 2024?

The CX World Cup train reaches its destination. Hoogerheide is the last stop of a season that started on American soil in the distant month of October. The competition will come to an end this weekend in the fourteenth event of the calendar.

The weather forecasts point to a moderate temperature that could reach 10 degrees and the race will be dry, even though Friday's rain may leave the circuit somewhat wet.

Van der Poel is the main attraction. The Dutchman plays at home and arrives as the main contender for victory in a round season -ten victories in eleven races- that only the fifth position in Benidorm has soured. Despite not showing the superiority of other occasions, a crash in the final stages deprived him of fighting for the first place. He is expected to come with renewed energy in a weekend in which he will compete twice, as he will compete in the X2O in Hamme on Saturday.

Beyond the rainbow, one eye should be on the fight for the overall. On the table is a booty -in case of winning- of 40 points and Iserbyt starts with a cushion of 34 points. The Belgian is already touching the title, but it is time to be cautious. Nieuwenhuis faces the race without great options, although the math still gives him a chance.

Everyone will want to say goodbye to the competition with the best taste in their mouth. Hoogerheide will also be the last relevant contact before the World Championship on February 4. Van der Haar, Ronhaar, Vandeputte or Sweeck and company will seek to find the best sensations again.

Here is the overall classification:

  1. Eli Iserbyt 317 points
  2. Joris Nieuwenhuis 283 points
  3. Lars Van der Haar 274 points
  4. Pim Ronhaar 270 points
  5. Niels Vandeputte 224 points

In the female category the main riders of the specialty are expected to attend once again. Alvarado -already crowned winner of the overall- will try to put the finishing touch, Pieterse will try to return the blow to a Van Empel who won again in Benidorm and Brand -new Champion of the Netherlands- will arrive with renewed hunger for victory.

Here is the overall classification:

  1. Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado 337 points
  2. Puck Pieterse 290 points
  3. Lucinda Brand 259 points
  4. Inge Van der Heijden 214 points 
  5. Fem Van Empel 212 points

The list of favorites only has room for Van der Poel

Hoogerheide will host the last Cyclocross World Cup of the year. The Mud Throne belongs to a Van der Poel who is on his way to completing a perfect season that only the Benidorm race managed to spoil. The Dutchman has earned it after showing a superiority constant throughout the season. However, Benidorm was different and Van Aert won the battle.

Van der Poel always has to be included in the group of favorites, but with the Big Three dismembered -without Van Aert or Pidcock-, the Dutchman is, without discussion, the one with the most chances to take the victory. The rainbow will seek to continue adding victories before setting his sights on the World Championship, the main goal of the year.

Nieuwenhuis entrusts himself to a victory that would allow him to dream of the overall. Despite his great season, in which he has gone from less to more, it seems complicated that he can bother Van der Poel, although he only needs to win if he wants to snatch the title from Iserbyt. It's his only option. And in Benidorm it was already demonstrated that in cyclocross the possibilities are infinite and that even the same rainbow can fail.

Even so, Nieuwenhuis needs the combination of winning and Iserbyt sinking to the 21st position. 

Ronhaar, Nys, Van der Haar or Sweeck will be looking for the podium to finish the World Cup with a good feeling. On the other hand, riders like Vandeputte, Kamp or Vandebosch will also play their cards.

Last four-way duel between Van Empel, Pieterse, Alvarado and Brand

The women's category lives in an equality that complicates any prediction. The repeated absences of Van Empel and Pieterse during a good part of the season meant that Alvarado could win the title. Alvarado's reign was extended and continued when the two young riders returned to competition.

Brand took some time to get into the groove but eventually reached her best. On a par with the other three contenders for the win, she should be in Sunday's pools.

On the other hand, Schreiber, Bentveld, Bakker, Backstedt, Vas or Casasola could have options in the race.



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