Alan Hatherly wins a tight XCC World Cup in Les Gets

Mountain bike 05/07/24 19:01 Migue A.

Alan Hatherly takes the victory in the XCC World Cup of Les Gets. The South African played his cards perfectly and delivered an unbeatable pedal stroke at the beginning of the last lap. Aldridge finished second and Gaze secured the third place after a huge comeback.


Alan Hatherly seals the triumph in the XCC World Cup of Les Gets

The race started with strict punctuality and, despite a small setback at the back of the peloton, the start occurred without incidents. Schwarzbauer took the lead in a new display of his uncomplicated strategy of launching a continuous attack from the first pedal stroke. Vidaurre positioned himself behind the German's wheel, as well as Litscher, Aldridge, Hatherly, and company. The story of the early stages of the race was reduced to Schwarzbauer's placid dominance, to which no one objected.

The first breakaway appeared when passing the finish line for the third time; Schwarzbauer, Litscher, Aldridge, Hatherly, and Vidaurre at the front. However, the still fresh legs of those behind allowed the peloton to regroup and form a long line of riders again.

Schwarzbauer's leadership, always at the forefront, contrasted with the shuffling of positions between Aldridge, Hatherly, and the others. The pace was high but insufficient to overcome anyone's quadriceps; the peloton remained united, although at times several gaps opened up.

The clock advanced to the halfway point of the race without surprises or unexpected plot twists. Time to store energy, study the rival, and prepare the strategy. Listcher took over from Schwarzbauer in the sixth lap and the Swiss set the pace at the front of the race.

The German returned to the lead. And when it seemed like a carefree pedaling attitude was spreading among the riders in front, Hatherly made a move and increased the pace. The move shook things up, put the front group on alert, and stretched the group with the aim of definitively dropping some units.

Hatherly held on at the front, accompanied by Schwarzbauer, Aldridge, Colombo, and Litscher. Behind, a spectacular Jofre Cullell occupied the sixth position and battled with names like Andreassen, Gaze, Braidot, Blevins, among others.

Penultimate lap. Schwarzbauer assumed the lead. Aldridge emerged from the background where he had remained until then and showed himself, although he kept his distance with the leader. Sam Gaze gritted his teeth and managed to connect after a tremendous comeback.

Hatherly attacked. And flew. The South African pedaled with an intensity that no one could match and put distance between himself and his companions. The gap was significant from the start and gave him half the victory; he continued pedaling voraciously until the finish line and secured the triumph in the XCC World Cup of Les Gets.

Charlie Aldridge finished second and Sam Gaze honored the rainbow displayed on his jersey and pulled off a great comeback to finish third.

XCC World Cup Results Les Gets 2024 - Men

  1. Alan Hatherly 21'28"
  2. Charlie Aldridge +4"
  3. Sam Gaze 5"
  4. Luca Schwarzbauer +6"
  5. Thomas Litscher +7"
  6. Filippo Colombo +8"
  7. Simon Andreassen +9"
  8. Luca Braidot +11"
  9. Jofre Cullell +15"
  10. Martin Vidaurre +19"



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