Gorilla Row, a perfect exercise for strengthening the core

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The gorilla row is a great way to exercise the core while engaging and strengthening other muscles. So called because of the posture you have to adopt when doing it, arms and back are the other main beneficiaries.

Gorilla row: an exercise for core development

In the absence of miracle workouts with which to achieve the results we long for - since we will always have to consider diet and lifestyle, among other things - we have to look for those exercises that will help us the most in this difficult task. If we are talking about the core, the gorilla row is one of our best allies.

The gorilla row is usually done with kettlebells, although they are not essential. Dumbbells can be used instead. Whatever the weight, you should choose a weight that you feel comfortable with and that you can control in order to avoid injuries.

The gorilla row is a good choice for those who want to strengthen the middle of the body. The advantage of this exercise is that it works the core directly but not exclusively. Thus, back and arms are other parts of the body that benefit from it.

Because of the great benefits associated with different parts of the body and the convenience of hardly needing any equipment, it is very likely that we would do well to include the gorilla row in our routine.

How to make the gorilla row

First, stand with your legs a little wider than hip width apart and then bend your knees a little.

It is important to note that the back should be straight during the exercise, movements should not be jerky and the hips and upper body should not be lifted.

The hips should be drawn back at the same time as the trunk should be bent until the kettlebell or dumbbells are gripped. 

Once you have grabbed them, it will be time to stick out your chest, contract your abdomen and, always with your back straight, take one of the weights with your elbow bent and pass it along your side. Now all that remains is to lower the weight back to the initial position and do the same on the other side. While performing the exercise, the non-working arm should press the weight or dumbbell downwards.

Benefits of gorilla row

As we have explained, the gorilla row strengthens the core and also exercises the arms and back. However, its benefits do not end there, as it will achieve the effect of a smaller waist. In other words, it will not actually be narrower, but will be visually reduced by the musculature that will develop in the back.

It will help to achieve defined abdominals and will also work the shoulders. On the other hand, it will increase thoracic and abdominal stability and it must be taken into account that it is an exercise with a high caloric expenditure.

Contrary to what it may seem, the lower body will be strengthened by the tension, control and resistance that both the hips and legs will be forced to adopt. 



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