Gobik has developed special gear for sailing with the INEOS Britannia

Road 06/06/24 18:15 Migue A.

After establishing itself as a top brand in the world of cycling, outfitting the entire INEOS Grenadiers, Gobik is now making the leap to the America's Cup sailing competition, the oldest competition in the world where they will manufacture the garments that will be worn by the crew of the INEOS Britannia, who will try to win the Hundred Guinea Cup in the waters of Barcelona next fall.

Gobik's technical expertise reaches the America's Cup, which in 2024 will be powered by pedals

Although it may seem strange for a specific cycling clothing brand to end up making garments for the crew of a competition boat, the reality is that in this 37th edition of the America's Cup sailing and cycling will be closer than ever before. The grinders who used to trim the sails correctly have been replaced by the so-called cyclors, who, with the power of their legs and pedals, provide the energy needed for the operation of the boat's hydraulic system.

This requires a large part of the Cyclors' training to be on a bicycle. In fact, some of them have a cycling background and the members of the INEOS Britannia have been using the same Gobik garments as Bernal, Rodriguez, Pidcock, and company.

Now, Gobik has developed a specific outfit for them for competition on the water, which includes extremely lightweight garments with maximum breathability, comfort, and freedom of movement. In addition, Gobik is accompanying this America's Cup collection with a line of merchandise to satisfy fans of the INEOS Britannia, which includes, for example, a special edition of the CX Pro 3.0 jersey and the Matt bib shorts in the colors of this team.

It is worth noting that the Matt bib shorts are made of solid bi-elastic lycra with great compression capacity that helps improve performance and has a quick drying ability. On the other hand, the recently renovated CX Pro 3.0 jersey has a careful aerodynamics thanks to details such as laser cutting and seamless sleeves, while still providing great breathability due to its mesh side panels.




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Gobik ha desarrollado una equipación especial para navegar y pedalear con el INEOS Britannia


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