Giro Ethos Mips with integrated front and rear lights

Urban Cycling 03/11/22 10:11 Migue A.

Maximum visibility and protection for your urban bike rides with the best technology available in the manufacture of helmets. This is the new Giro Ethos helmet in which the American firm has not skimped to provide those who pedal through the city with a helmet of the same level as its top of the range road or mountain bike models.

Active and passive safety go hand in hand in the new Giro Ethos Mips

Helmets intended for urban cycling are often the ugly ducklings in the catalogs of helmet brands, especially those that focus their work on the production of models intended for sports cycling.

The fact that helmets in urban cycling are not a particularly popular item among users does not help brands to invest resources in producing models in which they apply all their technologies.

However, Giro has opted for another approach and, in addition to making the helmet the passive protection system that prevents the energy of a crash from reaching our head, has designed a model that is an active part of safety thanks to the lights integrated into its structure and that improve the cyclist's visibility.

Small LED lights integrated into the shape of the helmet, red at the rear and white at the front, ensure that motorized vehicles will see us much sooner thanks to the ample power of both lights, 45 lumen at the front and 30 at the rear, which have two levels of intensity in both fixed and flashing mode. These lights offer an autonomy of 5 hours in maximum power mode and up to 10 hours if we use the lower power option.

It also adds another useful function thanks to a small remote control that we can place on the handlebars and that, in addition to selecting the operating mode of the lights, allows us to use them as indicators to signal changes of direction and maneuvers that we make.

The lights are powered by a battery that is also integrated into the structure of the helmet and that we can easily recharge thanks to a USB-C connector, identical to the one we use to charge our cell phone.

Apart from the lights, as a helmet itself this Giro Ethos does not renounce any of the innovations in terms of protection. In addition to its typically urban design, with a shell that extends to the rear to provide greater coverage, they have not hesitated to incorporate the Mips protection system on the inside, a plastic sheet mounted on a rubber support that absorbs impacts with a rotational component.

Nor does it renounce a perfect fit, with the urban version of the Roc-Loc rear retention system that Giro pioneered in the late 90's and that today all helmets on the market include; or a high level of comfort guaranteed by its 12 ventilation holes.

This Giro Ethos Mips is available in two versions, a conventional one and another in which the brand has integrated a useful visor, in the style of time trial helmets, which allows us to dispense with glasses when it comes to protecting our eyes while pedaling.

The Giro Ethos Mips helmet is now available in three sizes and colors black, white or graphite with a price of 289,95€ both in Shield and conventional version.



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