Gelu Dracon, an exclusive 7 kg hardtail MTB "Made in Portugal"

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We recently shared some of the keys as to why Portugal has taken the lead for bicycle manufacturing in Europe, and this Gelu Dracon, weighing just 7 kg, could be a good example of this achievement.

Gelu brand takes the "made in Portugal" as its flag

Gelu Dracon, a very exclusive MTB in terms of manufacturing and set-up

The Portuguese company Gelu Carbon Creations specializes in the creation of carbon fiber components that are highly exclusive due to their lightness and the manufacturing methods used, which combine craftsmanship and technology.

Some of the components manufactured in carbon from its catalog


In their catalog we can find 49 g saddles or a own system for MTB chainrings that allows you to change them quickly without removing the cranks. They also have handlebars and seatposts, among other components.

Gelu's own system compatible with SRAM that allows to change the chainring by removing only 3 bolts


But in the Gelu Dracon that was presented a few days ago, the company has wanted to unleash its full potential by manufacturing a hardtail MTB that combines its own frame with a prototype wheelset, also from the brand, as well as the saddle, seatpost, handlebars and stem. The result is a 29" hardtail weighing only 7.285 kg.

For this bike Gelu has created several prototypes, such as wheels or frame that could be included in its future catalog.


The brand assures that its intention was not to create the lightest hardtail MTB, but to do so with state-of-the-art components manufactured in Portugal.

Detail of the saddle, seat post and anchorages of the brand made of carbon fiber
Gelu Dracon, the name refers to the beginnings of the brand, which were represented by a dragon logo.

Gelu Dracon: specifications and weight

  • Frame: GELU by CARBON TEAM
  • Saddle, handlebars, seat post and anchors: GELU Carbon
  • Wheels: world cup prototype
  • Stem: Aluminum/carbon Gelu prototype
  • Fork: ND TUNED Fox Step-Cast Factory/OVR
  • Steering: ND TUNED By GELU
  • Chainring: Gelu SRAM system
  • Brakes: MAGURA MT8
  • Crankset: SRAM XX1 AXS 
  • Cassete: GARBARUK 12-speed
  • Spokes/hubs: PI ROPE (synthetic spokes)
  • Weight: in size L 7.280kg

All components, with the exception of brakes, cassette, derailleur and fork, are totally or partially manufactured in Portugal, something the brand is proud to boast.



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Gelu Dracon, una exclusiva MTB rígida de 7 kg "Made in Portugal"


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Gelu Dracon, uma exclusiva MTB rígida de 7kg "Made in Portugal"