A funeral bicycle service has just opened in Paris

Urban Cycling 10/11/22 10:30 Migue A.

The last trip by bicycle is now possible for Parisians thanks to a funeral parlor that has found a new use for cargo bikes. The perfect way to farewell to someone who in life was passionate about cycling in a totally sustainable and ecological way.

Paris funeral bikes that provide the farewell any cyclist would dream of

In cities where the mobility paradigm is beginning to take root, cargo-bikes, bicycles with large loading platforms, are beginning to emerge as a real alternative for the delivery of goods and other types of services thanks to the evolution of electric assistance systems.

The funeral parlor "Le Ciel & la Terre" in Paris has taken the idea of using cargo bikes one step further by creating the Corbicyclette, a mix of the French words corbillard, funeral car, and bicyclette that needs no translation.

On the platform of a robust three-wheeled bike, evidently with electric assistance, a waterproof wooden structure is placed to house the coffin of the deceased.

A funeral service by bicycle that offers a new farewell ritual with which the companions of the deceased can follow the transfer to the cemetery also by bike or on foot, providing an endearing farewell to those who love cycling or simply by mere ecological awareness.

A cycling funeral that is not unique to Paris, but already existed in some places in the Netherlands where people are used to pedaling and do not hesitate to do so also to accompany the deceased in his last pedal strokes. An image that may be shocking but which, in cities that are gradually trying to leave motorized vehicles behind, should become more and more common.



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