The Flight Attendant SID is not compatible with all bikes and may affect the frame warranty

Mountain bike 12/03/24 17:00 Migue A.

The RockShox Flight Attendant SID has arrived to revolutionize XCO suspensions, but even though it is a wireless system, the brand has issued a warning during the presentation stating that it cannot guarantee compatibility with all current models, not even with some of the most popular and advanced ones.

Which mountain bikes can mount the RockShox Flight Attendant SID system

The new electronic forks and shock absorber RockShox Flight Attendant SID do not require cables or remote controls, so one of their outstanding qualities is the ease of assembly and configuration. But while the forks do not seem incompatible with any frame, the shock absorber may be.

The dimensions of the RockShox SIDLUXE ULTIMATE FLIGHT ATTENDANT shock absorber make it incompatible with some bikes, for example those with the shock absorber integrated into the frame

Just like in the fork, the RockShox SIDLUXE ULTIMATE FLIGHT ATTENDANT shock absorber has a built-in control unit and battery, which may make its dimensions incompatible with some mountain bike models. That's why RockShox has released a list of mountain bike models that can mount this shock absorber.

RockShox warns that you may lose the warranty of your frame

Under the list of compatible models, there is a warning that you must take into account if your bike is not on it but you want to mount this system: "RockShox cannot guarantee the compatibility or tuning of shock absorbers for bikes that are not on this list. Those who decide to use Flight Attendant on stock bikes not listed here, run the risk of voiding the warranty and will be responsible for any damages caused by its assembly."

More Flight Attendant SID models coming soon?

You may have noticed that important models such as the SCOTT Spark or the Trek Supercaliber are missing from that list. What makes it even more surprising is that we have already seen these two bike models compete with Flight Attendant prototypes.

The SCOTT Spark is not on the list, but RockShox itself assures that its system has been developed and tested by Nino Schurter in competition

So we could think that RockShox may still introduce some new shock absorber models with the Flight Attendant system that are compatible with more mountain bikes.



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El Flight Attendant SID no es compatible con todas las bicis y puede afectar a la garantía del cuadro


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O Flight Attendant SID não é compatível com todas as bicicletas e pode afetar a garantia do quadro.


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Le Flight Attendant SID n'est pas compatible avec tous les vélos et peut affecter la garantie du cadre