The first CUPRA eBike is signed by UNNO

eBike 15/01/22 12:13 Migue A.

Alliances between car and bike brands are booming and the one we bring you today is high voltage. The sports car brand Cupra asked the exclusive Spanish brand UNNO Bikes to design and build an electric bicycle. The result will leave no one indifferent.

UNNO and CUPRA team up on this impressive electric bike

At the moment there is not much information and we have learned about this collaboration and the new model from a publication on UNNO's social networks. But looking at the first images, this bike reflects well the UNNO style in its lines and concept while reminiscent, in colours and design, to the CUPRA models.

We don't know whether this is a concept bike or a real working version, but the publication explains that this is a compact, mullet (the diameter of the front wheel is larger than the rear wheel) and folding electric bike. It certainly doesn't look like the features we would expect from a UNNO bike, but CUPRA's challenge has been successfully met.

In the pictures we see a handlebar with integrated stem, a rigid single-arm fork, an extreme "horizontal" head tube almost parallel to the down tube, an infinite down tube to the saddle, chain drive, and it looks like a compact battery would be located just above the bottom bracket. The rear swingarm floats solely on sturdy chainstays and the wheels with stick rims we'd bet are 29" front and 26" rear.

There is not much more information from either brand, but we are sure to hear more in the coming weeks.

Apart from the news, it is important to note that this is the latest step we see from the Volkswagen Group (Seat Cupra belongs to Volkswagen AG) towards the cycling industry. We have warned before that the next big change in the cycling industry could be the definitive entry of car brands into the market, and in a few years Volkswagen AG has introduced bikes with Ducati, Porsche, Cyklaer and Volkswagen itself, and weeks ago bought Greyp Bikes.



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