Endura designs a collection of helmets with brain injuries

Bike Equipment 14/03/23 16:00 Migue A.

Endura has introduced the Heid Project, consisting of four helmets with designs of cyclists' brain injuries. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the head when cycling. The profits will go to The Brain Charity.

Endura launches its most aggressive campaign to encourage everyone to wear helmets

The helmet is one of the essentials for any cyclist. A basic safety element that, although it is undeniable that its use is widespread, it is still easy to find from time to time some absent-minded person who pedals without it. A recklessness that can have serious consequences for the brain in the event of a crash.

In an effort to raise awareness of these risks, Endura has unveiled the Heid Project. The campaign is in collaboration with The Brain Project, a charity that provides support and help to those suffering from neurological conditions. The helmets will be auctioned and the money raised will be donated to the charity.

The Heid Project consists of four helmets designed with the CT scans of cyclists who suffered brain injuries in fatal accidents. Endura defines it as "the most graphic cycling helmets in the world".

The Scottish brand has conducted some research into helmet use. The results show that almost half of UK cyclists - 45% to be precise - do not wear helmets.

Endura's director, Noah Bernard, hopes that the initiative will serve to promote the use of helmets and not to ignore the risks involved in riding without them.

The campaign aims to be provocative to stir feelings, as they "literally show the possible consequences of riding without protection," explains the brand.

Cyclists without helmets, a persistent problem

Endura also wanted to highlight the findings of a study indicating that two-thirds of British cyclists are concerned about the possibility of suffering a brain injury.

Bernard stated "the stories of Ian and John (two of the fateful protagonists of these designs) are eye-opening reminders of the risks too many cyclists continue to take, and we thank them for bravely helping us raise awareness with their incredible stories."

Both suffered skull fractures, brain injuries, hemorrhage, contusion, as well as memory loss and vertigo, among other serious problems.

For her part, the CEO of The Brain Charity explained that our skull "can shatter on impact" and that "our brain is extremely vulnerable". Finally, she pointed out that "the impact of damage to the brain can be catastrophic".

Although helmets do not ensure 100% protection, scientific evidence supports that they greatly reduce the possible damages that can be suffered in an accident.



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