The XCO World Cup as we have never seen it before, Carlos Coloma launches a very unique documentary series

Mountain bike 31/10/22 13:10 Migue A.

There is no doubt that BH Templo Cafés has had the best season in its history in 2022 and to commemorate it, Carlos Coloma has just released on his own YouTube channel a documentary series about the daily life of a mountain bike team during the competition. It doesn't seem like an original idea, but the truth is that the length and the level of detail that they have dared to show seems to us to be something unique so far.

This is BH TEMPLO CAFES UCC from the inside

This will be the first of 6 chapters and it opens with the first round of the 2022 XCO World Cup in Brazil, one of the most peculiar events of this season due to the new circuit and the number and enthusiasm of the audience.

In terms of results, it was not the best weekend for BH Templo Cafés, but Brasil was the start of a brilliant season for the team.



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La Copa del Mundo XCO como nunca la habíamos visto, Carlos Coloma estrena una serie documental única


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A Copa do Mundo de XCO como nunca vimos, Carlos Coloma estreia série documental única