Decathlon arrives at the XC World Cup: new name and kits for the "Rockrider Ford"

Mountain bike 13/03/24 21:22 Migue A.

The French giant Decathlon announced yesterday a huge rebranding that has immediately affected its brand strategy. This has led to a change of kit for its road cycling team, as well as for its mountain bike team. The former Rockriger team has now been renamed DECATHLON Ford Racing Team.

Maxime Marotte with the new team kits featuring DECATHLON as the main sponsor

The DECATHLON Ford Racing Team is ready to start the XC World Cup season

In its new business path, DECATHLON has chosen to give more prominence to its own name and has carried out a major brand restructuring that will lead to the disappearance of many brands and the grouping of others.

Savilia Blunk with the US champion jersey

For example, in cycling, Van Rysel will remain as the main "expert" brand, as they call it, and Rockrider will now encompass all outdoor cycling products, not just for mountain bikes.

While we wait to see how this translates into their catalog, it is true that Rockrider has disappeared from the current World Cup team name and is now called DECATHLON Ford Racing Team.



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