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CUBE has introduced the new full suspension MTB range. The revamped Stereo ONE family consists of five models that aim to meet the needs of any rider. Prices range from 1999 euros for the most economical option to 9999 euros.

CUBE Stereo ONE: full suspension for everyone

The German manufacturer has renewed its range of full suspension MTBs. The Stereo ONEs come to the market with the intention of satisfying everyone, baptized as ONE22, ONE44, ONE55, ONE77 and Hybrid Stereo ONE55 (the e-bike of the family).

The brand has adapted the kinematics, geometry and specifications to the needs of each model.

The ONE22 frame is available in two different materials: aluminum or the high-performance composite known as HPC. The front suspension is 130 mm and the ride is agile and direct on a bike designed for undemanding trails.

The ONE44 is an All-Mountain with a choice of either the C:68 or C:62 frame. Both are carbon, the most advanced according to CUBE, although the former has the better weight, strength and stiffness numbers. It comes with 140mm front suspension and adjustable geometry.

The ONE55 is also a new member. It is the enduro of the family, designed for more complex trails, so the fork lengthens its travel to 160 mm. The frame is the C:62 and the head angle is adjustable.

The ONE77 takes another step up and features a 170 mm front suspension, flip chip and the option to be equipped with either the C:68 or aluminum frame.

Finally, the Hybrid Stereo ONE55 is the electric of the family, which CUBE defines as an enduro bike. The travel is 160 mm, C:68 frame and the 85 Nm Bosch CX Smart System motor is tasked with electric assistance, along with a 750 Wh battery.

5 models that are actually 26

The Stereo ONE family is much larger than these five models, as each of them actually has different finishes. Of course, even though the model remains the same, the set-ups vary significantly from one to the other.

The differences are in the sizes, fork, rear shock, derailleur, brakes and wheels. These variations also lead to changes in price and weight.

Thus, the ONE22 offers eight different set-ups. On the one hand, the most economical - 1999 euros and 14.9 kg - comes with an aluminum frame, RockShox Judy Silver TK Air fork, Manitou Radium Expert shock, SRAM NX Eagle rear derailleur and Magura MT Thirty brakes, among others.

On the other hand, the most expensive -4399 euros and 11.7 kg- comes with HPC frame, Fox 34 Float Factory fork, Fox Float DPS Factory shock, Shimano XT rear derailleur and Shimano XT BR-M8100 brakes.

The ONE44 has six different set-ups; three with C:62 frame and three with C:68 frame. In this case, the components vary from one setup to another very often. The cheapest option comes in at €3299 and 12.8 kg and the most expensive at €6999 and 12.2 kg.

As for the ONE55, the four available setups range from 13.1 kg to 14.5 kg, with a price range from 3499 to 6999 euros. The five ONE77 setups range from 14.2 kg to 7399 euros for the most expensive and 15.9 kg to 3199 euros for the most economical.

Finally, all Hybrid Stereo ONE55s share the same frame, motor and battery. The changes between setups are lighter and are only available in sizes M, L and XL. Prices range from 6999 euros (22.6 kg) to 9999 euros (21.9 kg).

You can find detailed information on the Cube website.



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