Colnago replies to Tom Boonen's criticism and invites him to try Pogacar's bike

Road 09/03/23 09:34 Migue A.

After Tom Boonen's statements during his participation in a podcast, where he questioned the level of the bike used by Tadej Pogacar, the Italian brand's response was immediate and offered both the Belgian rider and the other podcast participants a Colnago V4Rs like the one used by UAE Team Emirates.

Colnago defends its new V4Rs

The controversy caused by the statements of Toom Boonen and the other participants in the podcast Wielerclub Wattage, where he indicated that Tadej Pogacar is at a disadvantage with his rivals because of the bikes used by his team has stung within the Cambiago brand who, wounded in his pride, has issued a statement highlighting its new V4Rs, the latest evolution of its racing bike model that has been developed hand in hand with the UAE Team Emirates riders and began using last season, in prototype phase until reaching the current model that is already on sale.

Colnago begins by boasting that it is one of the most winning brands in professional cycling, before hitting back by inviting Boonen and the other podcast participants to travel to Cambiago, expenses paid, to see Colnago's headquarters first-hand and test ride one of the V4Rs used by Tadej Pogacar and the rest of the UAE Team Emirates squad.

Colnago also defends itself against the accusation that its development is not sufficiently evolved compared to the rest of the top bikes in the peloton in terms of aerodynamics. To this end, it refers to the information that accompanied the launch of the V4Rs and that can be found on its website, which summarizes the data obtained in the wind tunnel with different wheel configurations.

"The performance of UAE Team Emirates is Colnago's top priority. That's why we have invested millions of euros and time in developing their bikes. We have worked hand in hand with UAE Team Emirates, first to understand what they were asking of our bikes to make sure we were providing them with the best. Of course, we are in constant contact with the team and we haven't had a single complaint about the competitiveness of the bike," said Nicola Rosin, CEO of Colnago.

It remains to be seen whether Tom Boonen and his teammates will accept the Italian brand's offer, a visit that will take place next week, in the days leading up to the Milan-San Remo race on March 18th.

In any case, it is ironic that after Boonen's statements, where he pointed out the Cervélo of Jumbo-Visma as one of the references against the Colnago, Tadej Pogacar gave us in yesterday's Paris-Nice, first high finish of this race, a portentous exhibition in which he was able to literally burst the reigning winner of the Tour de France, Jonas Vingegaard, in the first duel of the season between the two.



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Colnago responde a las críticas de Tom Boonen y le invita a probar la bici de Pogacar