Colbrelli considered removing his defibrillator to continue racing

Road 31/10/22 07:30 Migue A.

After news leaked that Sonny Colbrelli would end his career as a professional cyclist due to his heart problems, it has been his team, Bahrain Victorious who has made it official. In addition, the Italian has offered more details about his decision and future.

Sonny Colbrelli considered removing his subcutaneous defibrillator in order to continue racing

In 2021 he won the Italian Championship, the European Championship and the most epic Paris Roubaix in living memory, but the 32-year-old Italian started 2022 in the worst way. In the first stage of La Volta a Catalunya he suffered a cardiac arrest after the final sprint, from which he had to be reanimated at the finish line.

The subsequent diagnosis was unstable cardiac arrhythmia and the doctors implanted a subcutaneous defibrillator. Something with which in Italy it is not allowed to be a professional athlete.

"I say goodbye to cycling and try to do it with a smile for the good it gave me, even if it hurts to say goodbye after a season like last year." said Colbrelli in his official farewell.

But this case has been linked to that of Danish footballer Christian Eriksen who returned to competition after being implanted with the same defibrillator. Colbrelli explained the differences between the two.

"But cycling is not football. It is a different sport; you ride on the streets. You do not play it on a football pitch, where, in case of need, the interventions of the medical équipe can be timely. Their training activities take place in a limited area, while in the case of a cyclist, you often find yourself alone for hours on little-travelled roads."

He has even explained that he was contemplating the idea of removing the defibrillator to return to competition. "Remove the defibrillator. I admit I considered it. But as mentioned, cycling is different from football. For the reasons mentioned, but above all, also for the intensity of the effort. But first of all, removing the defibrillator is against the medical practice and means removing a lifesaver that is necessary as secondary prevention. A risk too high. A risk that I cannot afford to take" he said.



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Colbrelli se planteó quitarse el desfibrilador para continuar compitiendo


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Colbrelli considerou retirar o desfibrilador para continuar competindo