Chiara Teocchi signs for the Orbea Factory Team

Mountain bike 25/01/24 16:00 Migue A.

The Orbea Factory Team is strengthening its lineup for 2024 with the signing of XCO specialist Chiara Teocchi. The team just announced this news as they are about to start their second season.

Chiara Teocchi joins the Orbea Factory Team

The Italian Chiara Teocchi has a long career in the world of XCO at a global level, having become the Italian champion 4 times in different categories. But she has also shown herself to be a very versatile cyclist, managing to get on the podium of the World Gravel Championship in 2022 or the European Eliminator Championship.

She herself explained what her signing for the Orbea Factory Team means, what some of her goals are for this season and her feelings about her new bikes:

“I am very excited and eager to be part of the Orbea Factory Team, it is one of the best teams in the world. Not only for its image and professionalism, but also for being able to compete with the new Orbea Oiz and Alma”

“My main goal for this season will be Paris. First of all, I will seek qualification to represent my country; and if I achieve it, I will prepare in the best possible way for this race."

“I love wearing the Italian champion jersey so I would be very motivated to win it again”.

“The World Championship is also important. It will be in Andorra, one of my favorite places in the world to train.”

“Honestly, it's the best bike I've ever used in my life (Orbea Oiz 2024). It's made for me. Its geometry allows me to have a very safe bike on fast and technical sections even though I use a small size. I also appreciate the balance between lightness and stiffness of the frame. The move to 120 mm seems to me a success and I can face technical areas with more confidence.”

While we wait to know the team's schedule and when we will see her competing in her new colors for the first time, Chiara will join the first concentration of the Orbea Factory Team in the coming days.



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