Prices and models of the new Cervélo ZSF-5 XC

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Earlier this year, Cervélo presented its first full suspension mountain bike and we saw it in competition with the Jumbo Visma. But now the Cervélo ZSF-5 is hitting the market and here we bring you the keys, prices and models of the entire range.

Key features of the Cervélo ZSF-5

  • Available with 100 mm or 120 mm
  • Monopivot suspension system
  • Internal cable routing from the headset
  • Floating rear disc brake
  • Geometry adapted to each size
  • 6 models starting at 5600€

New Cervélo ZSF-5: from competition to market

Canadian manufacturer Cervélo has made its debut in full suspension mountain biking, somewhat pressured by the Jumbo Visma and its recent landing in the XCO World Cup with Milan Vader and Fem van Empel. So to shorten the development time of a new model, they chose as a reference one of the most traditional MTB brands with which they share a business group, Santa Cruz. It is not surprising then that the Cervélo ZSF-5 resembles the Santa Cruz Blur, although it has some changes that give it personality and originality.


We can say that the new Cervélo ZSF-5 was born directly from a competitive need and now comes to the market with 6 models plus a very interesting frame option for those looking for a light and efficient MTB with its own character.

The Cervélo ZSF-5 has opted for a monopivot rear suspension system, the lightest and most reactive for XC and offers the possibility of 100 or 120mm of travel. Both options share the same frame.

In addition, the Cervélo ZSF-5 comes with fully integrated internal cable routing that starts at the headset and saves weight by dispensing with the internal carbon routing. Instead it mounts a minimalist rubber center piece to pass the cable routing from the main triangle to the swingarm.

Its geometry is focused on current trends in modern XCO and features a steeper steering angle than the Santa Cruz Blur. At the rear we find a floating mount for the rear disc brake, which saves weight in the frame and maximizes its stiffness.

Geometry Cervélo ZSF-5 100 mm

Geometry Cervélo ZSF-5 120 mm

Cervélo ZSF-5 models and prices

The Cervélo ZSF-5 range is presented with 6 models (3 for 100mm and as many in 120mm) plus a frame option. Prices range from 5600€ to 11650€.

  • Cervélo ZSF-5 ZFS-5 XX SL AXS - 100mm - 11650€
  • Cervélo ZSF-5 ZFS-5 GX AXS - 100mm - 6750€
  • Cervélo ZSF-5 ZFS-5 GX Eagle - 100mm - 5600€
  • Cervélo ZSF-5 ZFS-5 120 X0 AXS - 120mm - 9800€
  • Cervélo ZSF-5 ZFS-5 120 GX AXS - 120mm - 7050€
  • Cervélo ZSF-5 ZFS-5 120 GX Eagle - 120mm - 5700€





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Precios y modelos de la nueva Cervélo ZSF-5 XC