Cape Epic 2023: Beers-Blevins win a hard-fought stage 2 and Scott-SRAM is more leader

Mountain bike 21/03/23 10:42 Migue A.

Beers-Blevins take victory in the second stage of the Cape Epic and avenge yesterday's bad result. The Schurter-Frischknecht duo disputed the victory until the end and increased their overall lead after another great day. Egger-Baum lost time in the last kilometers and had to settle for third place.

Another tight finish leaves Beers-Blevins with the stage victory and Schurter-Frischknecht more leaders

The second stage of the Cape Epic 2023 started and finished in Hermanus, which was also the starting and finishing point of the previous day. The riders faced the longest stage of all: 116 kilometers and 1850 meters of elevation gain.

The route had two distinct parts: the out and back through the plains of the Klein Rivier lagoon, which represented more than 25% of the stage but which ran with little elevation gain; and an intermediate section in which a good part of the total elevation gain was concentrated.

The stage started with no time to relax with the Egger-Baum pair at the front. Barely 20 minutes had passed since the clock started and the Orbea x Leat x Speed Company were already setting the pace at the front. Beers was on the wheel and, behind him, a long line of riders squeezing their quads in the morning.

Soon after it was Beers himself who took command of the race. The yellow Scott-SRAM jerseys were close behind to counteract any early jolts.

The first climb of the day came - after a relatively flat first few kilometers - and Egger took the lead. Joubert (Imbuko TypeDev) and the rest of the group followed closely behind.

The stage continued, the riders completed the hard uphill climb to Skin & Bones and the group remained as compact as at the beginning. Km 63 and seven teams in just 10 seconds.

The equality was maintained and gave a hint that attacks could only be expected in the flat part of the final part of the stage. There were 43 kilometers to go and no one was able to break away from Schurter-Frischknecht, who were holding on to the overall lead with an iron fist.

Before facing the last stretch to the finish line, the riders had to avoid the sudden appearance of a deer, which accelerated the pulse of more than one rider, but which ended without any major problems.

Km 80. And Scott-SRAM, Orbea x Leatt x Speed Company and Toyota-Specialized-NinetyOne were in the lead. Wilier Pirelli Factory was 30 seconds behind.

Far from throwing in the towel, Rabensteiner-Alleman showed some guts and reduced the gap to catch the lead. Everything was ready for the last 30 km to be fought out between four teams.

However, this time a technical problem at the last water point caused the Wilier Pirelli Factory riders to lose time.

Egger-Baum lost steam, lost time and were losing contact with the lead. At the front, the Scott-SRAM leaders and a resurgent Beers-Blevins - who yesterday missed out on the top 10 - were battling for the stage victory in the final kilometers.

We had to wait until the end to find out who was going to take the victory. Beers launched the attack and together with Blevins crossed the finish line in first place. Scott-SRAM's second place was a golden one, as they managed to keep the yellow jersey and increase their lead in the overall.

Cape Epic 2023 Men's Category Results - Stage 2

  1. Beers/Blevins (Toyota-Specialized-NinetyOne) 4:20'31"
  2. Schurter/Frischknecht (Scott-SRAM MTB Racing) +15"
  3. Egger/Baum (Orbea x Leatt x Speed Company) +2'33"
  4. Rabensteiner/Alleman (Wilier Pirelli Factory) +3'42"
  5. Vakoc/Stutzmann (Canyon Northwave) +4'55"
  6. Seewald/Stosek (Canyon Northwave MTB) +4'55"
  7. Joubert/Du Toit (Imbuko TypeDev) +6'43"
  8. Porro/Nibali (Italian Friends) +7'34"
  9. Bou/Muñoz (Cannondale VAS Arabay) +9'24"
  10. Valero/Rodríguez (BH Coloma) +9'25"

Overall classification Men's category Cape Epic 2023 - Stage 2

  1. Schurter/Frischknecht (Scott-SRAM MTB Racing) 9:25'42"
  2. Egger/Baum (Orbea x Leatt x Speed Company) +3'15"
  3. Rabensteiner/Alleman (Wilier Pirelli Factory) +4'59"
  4. Seewald/Stosek (Canyon Northwave MTB) +6'07"
  5. Beers/Blevins (Toyota-Specialized-NinetyOne) +7'44"
  6. Vakoc/Stutzmann (Canyon Northwave) +10'51"
  7. Porro/Nibali (Italian Friends) +15'14"
  8. Buys/Miller (PYGA Euro Steel) +17'44"
  9. Valero/Rodríguez (BH Coloma) +18'47"
  10. Huber/Schneller (Bulls Heroes) +21'20"

The favorites were annulled in a stage won by Le Court-Looser but with which they barely gained 5 seconds in the general classification

The race started with the news that Wakefield - winner of stage 1 and overall leader with her teammate Lill - had recovered well and could take part in the start. As had been the case the day before, the first three teams took the lead.

Calm prevailed at the start of the stage. With Wakefield-Lill living off rents, all eyes were on their rivals, who should go on the attack at some point.

The six riders stayed together and crossed the 42nd km with a 30-second lead over Keep-Preen, who were another half-minute ahead of Steinburg-Calderón.

The kilometers went by and the orange leaders kept up the pace in a 'placid' morning in which they did not have to defend themselves from any attack.

And that's how the stage went. Without major problems, the three teams pedaled together until almost completing the entire route. It was in the final stretch when Looser made his move and pushed for the stage victory.

The move worked out well and Looser-Le Court crossed the finish line in first place to win the second stage. However, they were barely able to take advantage of Gomez-Nash and could not cut almost any time in the overall to Wakefield-Lill.

Cape Epic 2023 Women's Category Results - Stage 2

  1. Le Court/Looser (Efficient Inifity Insure) +5:28'42"
  2. Gómez/Nash (NinetyOne-Songo-Specialized) +4"
  3. Wakefield/Lill ( +5"
  4. Keseg Stevkova/Krahulcova (8capital) +22'03"
  5. Wohlters/De Villiers (Bester Performance) +22'03"
  6. Steinburg/Calderón (Cannondale Vas Arabay) +22'03'
  7. Venter/Johnson (Deeka Vivo Vita) +22'04"




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Cape Epic 2023: Beers-Blevins ganan una etapa 2 muy reñida y el Scott-SRAM es más líder