Cannondale introduces SmartSense intelligent system in a new Synapse

Road 18 ene. 2022 15:01 Migue A.

Cannondale has just unveiled the latest generation of the Synapse, one of the best first long-distance bikes to be recommended, but the launch was marked by a new smart system that comes with this model. It's called SmartSense and it makes road riding safer and more engaging.

David Devine, Cannondale Global Senior Director of Product, introduced the brand's double presentation:SmartSense is designed to make road riding more enjoyable for experienced riders, more inviting for new riders and more convenient for everyone.” “To compliment SmartSense, we redesigned the highly celebrated Cannondale Synapse to be even more versatile than its predecessors. The result of pairing these two products is a seamless relationship between rider, bike and road.”

Cannondale SmartSense: lights, sensor, radar and battery complete an intelligent road safety system

As in the automotive industry, there are certain advances in safety systems that initially appear as accessories and end up becoming standard on all models due to their effectiveness. We expect this to happen with the new SmartSense.

This is an intelligent light and radar system that takes information from the environment to alert the cyclist and adapt their visibility. It consists of front and rear lights, Garmin Varia radar and a compact battery that powers the system. In addition, the front wheel sensor, already a Cannondale classic, is also integrated into the system to start it automatically.

The latest version of the Garmin Varia Radar is a dual device that continuously scans traffic approaching from behind the rider and informs the rider of the speed, distance and number of cars approaching via audible and visual alerts on the rider's smartphone, via the Cannondale app, or on most other cycle computers on the market, not necessarily Garmin.

The SmartSense system's front and rear daytime running lights are from Lezyne, and while the front light improves visibility of oncoming traffic to help the rider be seen, the rear light also includes brake warning functions. Both lights adjust their intensity according to ambient light.

The Garmin Varia Core battery powers the system in a compact and secure way by being placed in the diagonal tube of the new Synapse, thus placing the weight in a very balanced area. The battery functions as a USB-C charging source when disconnected from the bike.

As mentioned above, the Cannondale wheel sensor, built into the front wheel, pairs the Synapse with the Cannondale app and automatically activates SmartSense as soon as you start riding.

The SmartSense system frees the cyclist from distractions and provides a high level of safety in a simple way. All the elements of the system can be found separately on the market, but its great value lies in the smart combination of all of them.

New Cannondale Synapse

15 years ago the first carbon Cannondale Synapse was introduced, a comfortable and versatile road bike that has remained over the years as one of those models that you can safely recommend to anyone who decides to enjoy road cycling without setting limits or goals.

The renewal of the Synapse has been marked by the new Smartsense system, but the truth is that it includes other notable improvements. Starting with its aesthetics, the new Synapse gains a lot and is positioned as a bike with modern lines with low seat stays and rounded profiles. In addition, the new Cannondale Synapse has 8% more flex, which translates into greater comfort when riding over rough roads or bumpy terrain. That feature, coupled with a more upright pedalling position, results in a smoother ride.

Cannondale's proprietary Proportionale Response technology ensures that every rider will have the same response on the bike regardless of size. Each size is adapted so that the geometry provides the same feel every time.

With its endurance geometry and the ability to accommodate up to 35mm tyres, the new Synapse looks perfect for long rides over changing terrain. The frame even comes with top tube bag mounts, up to three bottle racks and mudguards. The mudguards are not fitted but are included with the bike.

The truth is that, pending testing, the new Cannondale Synapse with SmartSense seems to be one of those perfect all-round bikes that can be recommended when you just want to have a road bike.

The Cannondale Synapse 2022 is available in four models ranging from size 48 to 61 and is priced from € 3,499 (£ 3.200) to € 8.999 (£ 9,000).

  • Synapse Carbon 1 RLE 8.999 € (£ 9,000)
  • Synapse Carbon LTD RLE 6.999 € (£ 6,750)
  • Synapse Carbon 2 RLE 5.999 € (£ 5,800)
  • Synapse Carbon 2 RL 4.499 € (£ 4,000)
  • Synapse Carbon 3 L 3.499 € (£ 3,200)

You can see the complete assemblies and the rest of the specifications and colours of each model on the official Cannondale website.


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