This is how braided carbon frames are made

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There are several techniques for manufacturing carbon fiber bicycle frames, but the usual and the process that almost all of us have in mind is through molds and carbon fiber sheets. In this case we are going to see a more elaborate and artisanal method, that of braided carbon.

Manufacturing of a carbon frame using braided carbon structure

Some brands are now studying moving the manufacture of carbon fiber frames from Asia to Europe, like the case of Bianchi, but the TIME brand has been doing this for 20 years.

Time's carbon fiber frames are highly recognized for their high performance on the road, and much of their secret lies in the artisanal manufacture using Braided Carbon Structure.

With this method they ensure that there are no cuts in the fiber along the tubes which is supposed to offer greater structural rigidity. In the case of construction by sheets, it is solved with overlaps of the material.

In this mesmerizing video, the entire process is observed. It begins by weaving the carbon fiber covers that are then placed in a wax mold into which high-pressure resin is injected. With the structure consolidated, the wax is melted and recycled for new molds, meanwhile, the frame is finished being polished, the rear triangle is added, manufactured with the same method, and the fork. A completely artisanal process that takes place in Time's European factories.

Have you been able to test carbon bikes with different manufacturing techniques? Do you notice differences in rigidity? We read you on our social networks.



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Você prefere ler a versão em português?

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