New Bold Linkin, did you think you'd seen it all when it comes to integration?

Mountain bike 2 nov. 2021 21:11 Migue A.

Many of you will already know the Swiss brand Bold, although its bikes are not among the most popular outside Switzerland. It is a very innovative brand that Scott acquired a few years ago and from which it has taken some technologies for the latest Spark model, for example. But Bold Cycles follows an independent path and has just demonstrated it with the new Bold Linkin 2022, a Trail MTB with the most amazing integrated rear shock we've seen so far.

New Bold Linkin 2022: extreme integration to redefine aesthetics

The new Bold Linkin is a trail bike with progressive geometry, made of carbon, offering 135 or 150 mm of travel, which can be changed from an internal lower linkage. But its design is unique and stands out at a glance.

Aiming to create the best riding experience combined with a clean, integrated design, the brand discarded the basic principles of classic full suspension frame design and redefined traditional linkage systems to suit the kinematics and suspension characteristics of this frame by integrating the rear shock into the frame.

The progressive geometry paired with the innovative Integrated Suspension Technology brings the perfect combination of balance and control to the LINKIN. The shock absorber is mounted in the lowest possible position within the front triangle thanks to this design. This central and low mounting point for the shock, swingarm and pivot, but also the bottle cage, leads to a very low centre of gravity, which makes it very easy to handle.

Frame stiffness, a lower centre of gravity and optimal shock absorber performance - being encapsulated, it does not suffer from external elements - are the key benefits of the integrated suspension technology used by Bold.

The internal shock absorber has made it possible to design an ultra-compact, lightweight and highly stiff linkage system. The linkage is attached directly to the shock and mounted on an axle inside the frame, so the pivot points no longer have to be located around the frame. This makes the linkage shorter than any other suspension system. The virtual pivot system improves both suspension sensitivity and makes pedalling and braking more efficient. The suspension kinematics provide sensitivity in the first leg and therefore great traction, perfect support in the middle leg and controlled stiffening at the end of the stroke.

The integration of the shock absorber has also provided a storage solution for tools inside the frame that can be easily accessed by opening the down tube cover. The kit includes a spare inner tube, mini pump, tyre changers and space for quick links. The Syncros MATCHBOX SL-CT multi-tool is hidden inside the frame.

As we've seen on other Bold bikes and the Spark itself, the shock can be accessed via a protective cover on the down tube, so you can make adjustments to rebound, compression, pressure or access the remote TracLoc system. This allows adjustment of rebound, compression, pressure or access to the remote TracLoc system. Adjusting the SAG is easy thanks to the magnetic travel indicator on the outside. The travel indicator also allows you to optimise the maximum travel for 100% utilisation. The bolts that secure the shock absorber are accessible from the outside.

The Bold Linkin can mount either a Fox Nude 5T or RockShox Deluxe shock, giving 150mm or 135mm travel in combination with the TracLoc remote system. Travel variation can be adjusted by swapping the lower inner linkage, making it possible to have both options on the same frame.

The TracLoc system allows you to vary the compression and modify the progressivity curve, altering the geometry of the bike. In Traction mode the shock is firmer and has less travel. The bike therefore sits higher, maintaining a tighter saddle angle and making it more agile. In addition, the Linkin has a third full lockout mode for climbs or times when we need maximum pedalling efficiency.

With the Flip-Chip Bold VarioTec you can vary the bottom bracket height by 6.3mm. And the steering angle can be changed by 1 degree by simply turning the steering cups 180°.

Another advantage of removing the shock from the seat tube's vertical line is the incredible compatibility with dropper seatposts. The Bold Linkin can fit seatposts with 200mm of travel without any problems.

The union of Bold and Scott can also be seen in the handlebars of this Linkin, which is fitted with the new Syncros integrated handlebar and stem systems with the capacity to integrate all the cabling through the steering.

Bold LINKIN 2022: models and prices

The new Bold LINKIN is available in 4 models and 2 frame kits:

  • BOLD LINKIN 135 ULTIMATE (8.499 €)
  • BOLD LINKIN 150 ULTIMATE (10.999 €)
  • BOLD LINKIN 135 PRO (5.999 €)
  • BOLDLINKIN 150 PRO (6.999 €)

The LINKIN 2022 is expected to be available in early 2022 and more details on this and other models can be found on the official Bold website.


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