The BMC Fourstroke 2023 arrives completely redesigned and with the exclusive Autodrop technology

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Although we have already seen it winning the XCO World Cup in Val di Sole, ridden by Titouan Carod, the truth is that we didn't know anything about it yet. Now we finally know all the details of the new BMC Fourstroke 2023. Completely redesigned and with new geometry, the Fourstroke family comes in three versions with options for 100 and 120 mm. These are the new BMC Fourstroke, Fourstroke 01 and Fourstroke LT.

New BMC Fourstroke 2023: a reference MTB

The BMC Fourstroke is one of the full mountain bikes with the most prominence in high-level competition and with the best reputation among fans. The proof of this is that in recent seasons we have seen it at the top of the podium in World Championships, Olympic Games or numerous World Cup races.

Titouan Carod's new BMC Foustroke on the podium at Val di Sole

A renovation like this was an event not to be missed and we travelled to the French Côte d'Azur to see all the new features.

One DNA for one revolutionary family: Fourstroke, Fourstroke 01 and Fourstroke LT

At first glance, the most striking feature is the change in the shock position compared to the previous version, but the BMC Fourstroke 2023 is completely new.

It is based on a new frame with a completely new suspension system, updated geometry and a redesign that now allows you to carry 2 bottle cages, among other new features.

The important thing is that this same frame, like the technologies it incorporates, is shared across the Fourstroke family.

The BMC Fourstroke 01 and BMC Fourstroke both share a new premium carbon frame with space to fit two bottle cages and the all-new APS suspension system system with 100mm of travel front and rear. Both are performance XC focused and the 01 features the unique Autodrop technology that allows the seatpost to be lowered and raised without the need to press down on it.

The BMC Fourstroke LT shares the same frame and APS suspension system, but with 120mm of travel front and rear.

New APS suspension system (Advanced Pivot System) 

The BMC Fourstroke 2023 continues to rely on a virtual pivot rear suspension system. A dual-link system that BMC calls Advanced Pivot System and which has been improved with a new kinematic tuning. Together with the new geometry, this version achieves better power transfer and traction on technical terrain, while increasing downhill capability.

Most full suspension mountain bikes in competition use a monopivot system that takes advantage of the flex of carbon to simplify the rear linkage for a lighter weight. But, during the presentation, BMC explained that its engineers re-assessed which system was best and after multiple tests, the stopwatch confirmed that the APS system was the fastest.

Improved stiffness and versatility thanks to the new design 

A big part of the versatility of the new XC mountain bikes lies in their design. And the BMC Fourstroke 2023 debuts a new frame and rear triangle that excel in stiffness while boosting the bike's capabilities.

Responding to one of the requests shared by amateurs and professionals, BMC has included the ability to fit 2 bottle cages on the new Fourstroke. This has been achieved without giving up the virtual pivot system thanks to an in-line solution.

The versatility of this model has also been enhanced with a 62 mm wheel arch that allows tyres up to 2.4" to be fitted.

In terms of stiffness, BMC claims to have improved pedalling by up to 20% thanks to a second vertical section added to the rear triangle.

The double vertical section ensures outstanding stiffness.


The new design has also taken into account a new internal cable routing that improves the final aesthetics, as well as the integration of protections, such as the fork stopper or the chainstay and bottom bracket protectors.

New internal cable routing

The BWC geometry evolves

BMC marked its own path in 2018 with the progressive Big Wheel Concept Race technology. The new Fourstroke 2023 offers an evolution of this BWC to boost a geometry that optimises rider position and enhances the uphill and downhill capabilities of this MTB.

The BWC Race geometry is adapted to a fast and progressive riding style and its numbers anticipate its downhill qualities.

The steering angle has been relaxed to 66.5°, the reach has been increased to 457mm in size M and the bottom bracket is lower.

Power transfer and better uphill traction are achieved with short 429 mm chainstays and a 76.7° saddle angle.

Exclusive Autodrop Technology for the Fourstroke 01

While the previous version of the RAD dropper seatpost was a real aesthetic innovation, BMC has once again revolutionised this component with the first automatic, integrated dropper seatpost.

The new Autodrop technology allows the seatpost to be lowered while riding from the remote control without the need to bend down to put pressure on the seatpost.

This unprecedented technology allows you to optimise your effort and not stop pedalling until you reach the downhill section.

How does the Autodrop work?

The Autodrop system is only available on the BMC Fourstroke 01 and works thanks to a reservoir located in the down tube that stores compressed air with up to 14 bar of pressure. This tank communicates with a smaller tank located on the seatpost, which is charged with 4 bar via a pressure regulating valve. This small tank is responsible for lowering the seatpost at any time.

From the remote control we can choose the operating mode with various resistance levels. In other words, if we push the control until we feel the first resistance, the seatpost works like any other seatpost, going up if there is no weight on it and going down if we sit on the saddle. But if we keep pushing the knob all the way down, that is when the mechanism is activated and the seat post lowers by itself.

When this happens, the small tank filled with 4 bar is emptied and the regulator valve refills it with air from the main tank to be ready for the next activation.

This implies a limited number of activations as long as we do not refill the main tank. BMC tells us that up to 100 activations can be achieved by charging the tank, after which the tank will have to be refilled with air if we want the Autodrop mode to work.

Charging port for the Autodrop tank. Only available on the Fourstroke 01.

But as we said, running out of air is no problem as the seatpost still works like a conventional dropper seatpost without Autodrop.

During the development of the seatpost the riders calculated how many times the seatpost can be activated in a World Cup race and found that in a complete race the seatpost is lowered about 70 times, which means that the Autodrop can be used for the whole race.

Regarding the benefits of the Autodrop, on one hand you save the effort of 100 squats that you don't need to do with this seatpost. It may not seem like much, but when exhaustion sets in, it is energy that you save and it can make a small difference. On the other hand, you can lower the seatpost in the middle of any obstacle if you have forgotten it and it will allow you to be the last one to stop pedalling before tackling a technical section.

The RAD seatpost with Autodrop is designed for XC and therefore offers 80 mm of travel, which is what riders have deemed ideal. It also has no intermediate positions. This makes for a very light seatpost to equip the Fourstroke.

BMC Fourstroke 2023 models, prices and availability

BMC Fourstroke 01 2023 with 100 mm and Autodrop

On one side we have the Fourstroke 01 with the best carbon fibre frame from BMC and prepared for integrated RAD seatpost with Autodrop and here are their set-ups.


  • The Fourstroke 01 LTD features Fox F32 Factory fork, Fox DPS Factory shock, Sram XX1 AXS groupset and DT Swiss XRC1200 wheels. It is available at a price of 12.999€.
  • The Fourstroke 01 ONE comes with a Rock Shox SID SL Ultimate, SIDLuxe Ultimate shock, Sram X01 AXS groupset and DT Swiss XRC1501 wheels. Price - 10,999€.
  • Fourstroke 01 TWO: Rock Shox SID SL Select+ fork, SIDLuxe Select+ shock, Sram GX AXS groupset and DT Swiss XR1700 wheels. This version will cost 8,999€.
  • BMC Fourstroke 01 frame kit with Fox F32 Factory fork and integrated seatpost for 5.499€.

The Fourstroke 01 will be available in sizes S, M, L and XL. The 01 LTD and ONE models will be available in shops from June 2023, while the 01 TWO will be available in October 2022. The frame kit will be available from February 2023.

BMC Fourstroke 2023 with 100 mm and integrated RAD seatpost

Below these three bikes we have the BMC Fourstroke, which differ in the type of carbon fibre used in the frame and that its seat tube is not oval and prepared for its integrated seatpost, but is conventional and accepts any other seatpost.

  • BMC Fourstroke ONE, comes with Rock Shox SID SL Select+, SIDLuxe Select+ shock, Sram GX AXS groupset and DT Swiss XR1700 wheels. Price - 7,499€.
  • The Fourstroke TWO features a Fox F32 StepCast Performance, Fox DPS Performance shock, Shimano Deore XT groupset and DT Swiss XR1700 wheels. It will cost 6,499€.
  • The Fourstroke THREE features a Rock Shox SID SL Select RL, SIDLuxe Select+ shock, Shimano SLX groupset and DT Swiss X1900 wheels. It will cost 5,299€.
  • The Fourstroke FOUR features a Rock Shox SID SL RL, SIDLuxe Select+ shock, Shimano SLX / Deore groupset and Shimano wheels. Price - 4,299€.

The BMC Fourstroke will also be available in 4 sizes. The Fourstroke ONE will arrive in shops in October 2022, the TWO in April 2023, the THREE from June 2023 and the FOUR in September 2023.

BMC Fourstroke LT 2023 with 120 mm

If we prefer 120mm of travel. We have three options with the BMC Fourstroke LT.

  • The Fourstroke LT LTD comes with Fox 34 StepCast Factory Kashima fork, Fox Float DPS Factory Kashima shock, Sram X01 AXS groupset and DT Swiss XRC1501 wheels. This version will cost 11,999€.
  • The Fourstroke LT ONE is fitted with Rock Shox SID Select+ fork, SIDLuxe Select+ shock, Shimano SLX groupset and DT Swiss M1900 wheels. It will cost 5,899€.
  • The Fourstroke LT TWO features Rock Shox SID RL fork, SIDLuxe Select+ shock, Shimano SLX / Deore groupset and Alex MD30 wheels. It will cost 4,499€.

The Fourstroke LT, available in 4 sizes from S to XL, will be in shops from January 2023 with the ONE model, the LTD arriving in April 2023 and the TWO in September 2023.

You can find more information and the complete set-ups on the official BMC website.



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