The best wheels for road cycling

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Good wheels can transform the performance of a road bike. These are some of the best options that manufacturers have in their 2023 catalogs. Wheels with which you can get the most out of your machine thanks to their greater stiffness, better aerodynamics and lower weight than the "battle" models that we usually find in the series setups.

The best road cycling wheels in 2023

After the frame, the wheels are the most important element of the bike when it comes to determining its final performance, especially when it comes to road cycling wheels, where stiffness and lightness must go hand in hand in a constantly moving element.

In addition to the dynamic qualities of the wheel, wind resistance has also become very important in recent years. However, the best aerodynamically profiled wheels on the market must not only offer reduced drag but also maintain stability when side winds occur.

This means that road cycling wheels have to live on a fine wire of contrasting qualities that make their design an arduous engineering job.

In the market we can find a wide variety ranging from affordable models that improve by far what is usually found on standard bikes in the mid and low ranges to authentic pieces of craftsmanship made entirely of carbon fiber, including spokes.

These are some of the best road cycling wheels you can fit on your bike today.

Mavic Ksysirum SL

Starting an article about the best wheels for road cycling with an aluminum model that costs 850 € the pair may seem nonsense. However, if we analyze the properties of these Mavic Ksyrium SL, we see that, in addition to the price, we have a very contained weight and a bombproof stiffness and durability, compatibility with tubeless tyres or the ratchet type rear hub thanks to the Instant Drive 360 system that ensures optimal force transfer.

  • Price: 850 €
  • Weight: 1,575 g
  • Material: Maxtal Aluminum
  • Internal width: 19 mm
  • Profile: 22 mm
  • Web:

Campagnolo Shamal Carbon

The Shamal is a model with a mythical name within the range of the Italian brand. It is a 35 mm profile front and 40 mm profile rear wheel that achieves a good balance between its climbing qualities and a certain reduction of wind resistance when riding on the flat. As in all Campagnolo models, its enormous lateral stiffness stands out, achieved by means of the brand's characteristic G3 spoking.

  • Price: 1,395 €
  • Weight: 1,585 g
  • Material: Carbon
  • Internal width: 21 mm
  • Profile: 35 mm front, 40 mm rear
  • Web:

Bontrager Aeolus Pro 51 TLR

True aerodynamic carbon wheels at a reasonable price. The Aeoulus from Bontrager, a Trek component brand, have the same profile design as their bigger models which, despite their 51 mm height, make them extremely stable when side winds appear. If we also add a tremendously low weight for such a high profile, we have wheels that will undoubtedly improve the behavior of our bike.

  • Price: 1,399.98 €
  • Weight: 1,590 g
  • Material: Carbon
  • Internal width: 23 mm
  • Profile: 51 mm
  • Web:

Zipp 303s

The American firm, owned by SRAM, has a famous range of wheels for road cycling. Even the lowest step of its collection, these Zipp 303s, are shown as very high performance wheels. Its elaborate 45 mm Firecrest profile, one of the most efficient against crosswinds, is combined with a Hookless rim that allows you to save precious grams. All this at a very competitive price for a wheel of this performance level.

  • Price: 1,218 €
  • Weight: 1,530 g
  • Material: Carbon
  • Internal width: 23 mm
  • Profile: 45 mm
  • Web:

DT Swiss PRC 1100 Dicut Mont Chasseral

If you are looking for stiff, light and, above all, tremendously agile road cycling wheels, you will find the answer in these Mont Chasseral from Swiss brand DT Swiss. Lightweight 24mm profile carbon rims or the brand's exquisite 180 hubs with Ratchet EXP freewheel system and ceramic bearings are some of the ingredients that turn Swiss wheels into a real missile when the road gets uphill.

  • Price: 2,948 €
  • Weight: 1,266 g
  • Material: Carbon
  • Internal width: 18 mm
  • Profile: 24 mm
  • Web:

Cadex 42 Disc Tubeless

With the relaunch of Cadex, Giant sought to bring back a component company traditionally associated with the hallmark of excellence. A clear example of their success are these Cadex 42 wheels, which achieve a fantastic balance between low weight, excellent aerodynamics and bombproof resistance. The use of a Hookless type rim makes them lighter. At the same time, the 42 mm profile is a good compromise between aerodynamic and climbing qualities.

  • Price: 2,398 €
  • Weight: 1,327 g
  • Material: Carbon
  • Internal width: 19.4 mm
  • Profile: 42 mm
  • Web:

Lightweight Obermayer Evo

An article cannot talk about the best wheels for road cycling without including the spectacular Lightweight, for years the dream of many cyclists because of their all-carbon construction and their elitist aura. Incredible stiffness, even excessive if your motivations on the bike are not sporty, and a super light weight make these Obermayer Evo the paradigm of the perfect wheel.

  • Price: 6,675 €
  • Weight: 1,230 g
  • Material: Carbon
  • Internal width: 18.2 mm
  • Profile: 48 mm
  • Web:

Mavic Cosmic Ultimate 45 Disc

The French company has put all its know-how to create wheels that are practically close to perfection by combining practically all the characteristics that we would ask of this component. Aerodynamic thanks to its studied NACA profiles of 45 mm and an external width of 27 mm. Full carbon fiber construction, including its elliptical section spokes to ensure maximum stiffness. All this topped off with a simply spectacular weight if we take into account that they are profile rims, for tubeless tyres and disc brakes. What else can we ask for?

  • Price: 4,449 €
  • Weight: 1,255 g
  • Material: Carbon
  • Internal width: 19 mm
  • Profile: 45 mm
  • Web:

Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra

2023 was the year in which Campagnolo brought back one of its most legendary, iconic and sought-after wheels. The name Hyperon has always been associated with climbing wheels, very light and with perfect hubs and bearings that offered practically infinite spinning. These are qualities that Campagnolo has adapted to the new times, starting with a slightly higher profile and a widened rim that, instead of tubulars, now accommodates tubeless tyres. However, the tremendous quality of its hubs with CULT bearings and a very light weight for wheels that are obviously for disc brakes are maintained.

  • Price: 3,650 €
  • Weight: 1,240 g
  • Material: Carbon
  • Internal width: 21 mm
  • Profile: 37 mm
  • Web:

Duke Baccara 42 SLR2 Disc

Many of you may not be familiar with this French brand, which is more popular in the world of mountain biking than in the world of road wheels. As a reference, it is enough to say that it supplies Pauline Ferrand-Prevod, who used the gravel version of these wheels to win the Gravel World Championship a few months ago. These Baccara 42 SLR2, as the name suggests, feature a 42 mm profile rim that makes them a multi-purpose option, with some aerodynamics and a tremendously competitive weight that also makes them an excellent choice for climbing. They feature top level wheel details such as asymmetric spoke hole positioning for a stronger wheel and better tension balance. They are topped off with exquisite DT Swiss 180 hubs and Sapim CX Ray spokes. The best.



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