Prevent your bike from being stolen with this simple accessory from Topeak

Bike Equipment 28/11/22 10:21 Migue A.

Topeak adds to its 2023 catalogue an ingenious and discreet mount designed to house an Apple AirTag, the object tracker designed by Apple that will allow you to locate your bike quickly in the event of its theft thanks to the technology incorporated in the brand's devices.

Topeak and Apple AirTag help you protect your bike

Few situations are as depressing for a cyclist as suffering the theft of the bicycle, the machine that gives meaning to an activity that for many cyclists is more than a sport, it is a vital necessity. Not to mention if we are urban cyclists and our bike is also our means of transport.

Putting a stop to bike theft is complicated. If we leave our bike in the street, we simply follow the typical advice of choosing a well-fixed rack and using a lock that is guaranteed to discourage theft, even though we know that no system is 100% secure. At home, people always talk about avoiding leaving the bike in the storeroom, which is often the target of theft.

Topeak's aim with this new Apple AirTag mount is to make it possible to locate the bike after the theft has happened.

This new mount from Topeak is designed to house an Apple AirTag device under the bottle cage in an extremely discreet design that is completely unnoticeable even to trained eyes, preventing it from being removed by the bike's thief.

The Apple AirTag is a small electronic locator that emits a Bluetooth signal that can be picked up by any Apple device, be it an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac that comes within range of the Bluetooth connection. To activate the location, simply go to the settings on your iPhone and set it to "Lost" mode. From that moment on, the large search network is activated and as soon as one of them detects the AirTag hidden in the Topeak mount, we will receive a message with the location of the AirTag and, therefore, of the bike.

Although not with the bike, we know of cases close to us that have managed to find and recover an Apple device that someone "borrowed" and we can attest that it is efficient. Undoubtedly, this is another step forward in the search for applications for new technologies and is well worth it if we take into account the value of current bicycles, the acquisition of which in many cases involves a significant investment.

The Topeak AirTag mount, with its flat design and small dimensions, is compatible with virtually any bottle cage model on the market and costs just €10.60, plus, of course, the purchase of an AirTag device, available from the Apple Store for €39.



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