Second time trial and Mortirolo, a weekend not to be missed in the Giro d'Italia 2024

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In the Giro d'Italia, as in any 3-week race, there are many transition days and stages where nothing is decided in the general classification. We have compiled for you the key stages of this Giro d'Italia 2024. Also, you can find out how to watch the Giro 2024 and who are the main favorites in the comprehensive preview of the race that is already available.

The stages you can't miss in the Giro d'Italia 2024

Obviously, in the 21 days of the Giro d'Italia 2024, anything can happen in any of the stages, however, there are several key days that all the favorites surely have marked on their calendars, where, on paper, the race is supposed to be decided.

We say on paper because the Italian race is known for including a good number of traps and stages that may seem inconsequential or more suitable for a breakaway to contest, end up becoming real battles among the favorites. Just look at the skirmishes of the first week of last year's Giro, where it was evident that Remco wasn't as strong as he seemed, although later it was attributed to the Covid infection that led to his abandonment.

In this Giro d'Italia 2024, in fact, from the first day we have stages where anything can happen with the classic stage that starts the race or with the first mountain finish the following day. In any case, as we were saying, these are the days when the leaders will have to show up.

Friday, May 10. Stage 7: Foligno - Perugia

Finishing the first week, it's time for the first of the two individual time trials in the race. It is true that in this first week the strengths will still be practically intact, which always gives an advantage to the specialists in individual time trials. However, this time trial has the peculiarity, compared to the ones that are usually contested, of being 40 kilometers long. An atypical distance nowadays that can lead to significant differences that could condition the race.

If the distance is not enough to qualify it as a key day, its route is also peculiar, reminiscent of last year's Tour de France where Jonas Vingegaard achieved significant differences to secure his second victory in the French tour. The first 34 kilometers are completely flat, and the last part is a clear ascent to Perugia with a truly brutal start to that section where cyclists will have to face a little over a kilometer at over 11% average gradient. It is also possible, although unlikely given that the rest of the climb is quite gradual, that there may be a bike change to maximize the advantage that can be gained in this final part.

Saturday, May 18. Stage 14: Castiglione delle Stiviere - Desenzano del Garda

Once again, the time trial will be decisive in the second week of the Giro d'Italia 2024. This time with a completely flat route of 31 kilometers, clearly favorable not only for the specialists but also for those who have been able to save more energy as it is contested at a point in the race where the cyclists' bodies are already feeling the accumulated effort.

This time trial has another point to consider, as it precedes the first high mountain stage that will take place the next day, so cyclists who expend too much energy may pay for it the following day. Between one time trial and the other, the differences that are generated can be totally atypical compared to what we usually see in the grand tours in recent years and may completely condition the development of the mountain stages with cyclists forced to seek other types of moves to reduce a significant disadvantage.

Sunday, May 19. Stage 15: Manerba del Garda - Livigno

When a stage includes the Mortirolo in its profile, it means it's no small feat. It is true that this fearsome climb is tackled on this occasion by its friendlier side, which doesn't mean it's easy even though it's not the inhuman ramps of the side facing the Valtellina valley. The final section with the linking of Passo di Foscagno and the finish in Livigno also doesn't accumulate excessive difficulty.

However, we are talking about a stage that follows the second time trial of the race and also a stage with no less than 222 kilometers, which already starts with the climb to Colle San Zeno. If we look closely, all the climbs are long, 13.9 km this pass; 12.6 the Mortirolo, 15 Foligno. A stage for endurance riders that, entering the last week, may lead to unexpected struggles that were not anticipated.

Wednesday, May 22. Stage 17: Selva di Val Gardena - Passo Brocon

Without a doubt, the queen stage of this Giro d'Italia 2024, which will have the fearsome Dolomites as an incomparable battlefield despite not being the toughest climbs in this alpine massif, it is always extremely challenging to pedal through these areas.

The stage has a more moderate length, with 159 kilometers accumulating 4,200 m of elevation gain, a figure that is not disproportionate for what can be done in this region. This slightly more moderate toughness, being a stage that comes towards the end of the Giro d'Italia, is what can make it possible for those in need of cutting time to hesitate less when looking for a surprising move, and, after all, there is plenty of terrain to cause damage.

In fact, the stage starts off very aggressively with the tough Passo Sella right from the beginning, so surely the battle for the breakaway will be fierce, which also causes great wear and tear on the favorites. It is followed by Passo Rolle, another one of those climbs that always show up in photos when you search for Dolomites due to its spectacular rock formations. This is a very gradual climb, the kind where you climb at full speed, and, in the end, it's 20 kilometers of ascent where fatigue continues to accumulate towards the final part of the stage, marked by the double ascent of Passo Brocon, the first one long and gradual, and the second, a true Dolomite climb, shorter and with very steep ramps to decide the stage.

Saturday, May 25. Stage 20: Alpago - Bassano del Grappa

The last opportunity to turn around the general classification of the Giro d'Italia 2024 will be for the cyclists with Monte Grappa as the setting. It is true that at this stage of the race, the general classification is usually already clear, but in case there are still things to fight for, the setting and design of the stage are perfect for enjoying a great cycling spectacle.

Once again, a long stage where the two climbs to Monte Grappa, both on the same side, with 18 km in length, are extremely tough, with the gradient constantly above 8% although without inhuman ramps. This type of climb that we would qualify as rideable provides a lot of opportunities for attacks and counterattacks. The fact that the end of the race is with the long descent of Monte Grappa also allows for the descent to play a role.



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