5 basic adjustments you must make on a new MTB

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If you've behaved well, your new bike will be waiting for you in the morning next to your shoes, but before you rush out into the street like a madman, you should make these adjustments.


5 adjustments to a new mountain bike 



Although we put it first, if your mountain bike needs more adjustments, leave it for the end. Adjusting the saddle is relatively simple. You can do it in many ways, the most correct is to measure your inner leg length, but the quickest is to get on your mountain bike with the seat post semi-tight and adjust the height by sitting on the saddle and touching the ground with your legs and feet fully stretched.



Mounting the pedals is simple, don't worry. You just need an allen key and a bit of logic: if the pedals would loosen while pedaling, guess which way they screw. That's right, they screw forward. They are easy to mount. A tip: remember that when you have to change them, they loosen in the opposite direction of logic in some cases.



We're not just referring to the adjustment of brake pads in case your bike comes with this type of brakes. They usually come pre-adjusted, but you can adjust this type of brakes with a small allen key: place the wheel, tighten the brakes, and adjust the pads leaving them about 1 millimeter. If it has disc brakes, your biggest problem will be adjusting the levers. Remember, your hands and fingers should be an extension of the angle of your arms, your wrist should be straight.



The ideal is for a mechanic with professional machinery to set it to the millimeter. But to start riding your new mountain bike you can perfectly adjust it in a rustic way. Mount the stem on the steering and tighten it but not too much, it should still allow you to move it. Stand in front of the bike, hold the front wheel between your legs and make it completely straight. Now, turn your stem or handlebar so it also goes straight. Tighten the screws.


With the suspension, we mean that the adjustment of your mountain bike needs to know it and needs to set the dial to the starting position. Let's just say, your suspension may come regulated, or even locked, so read its manual and before going out unlock it and put it in active mode.

With this, it would be enough to start pedaling, but we recommend that you spend a little more time on the suspension settings in relation to your weight, here we leave you a complete article to do it.




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