2021 RockShox SID: more stiffness with less weight

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RockShox SID is renewed for 2021 with two new forks and one rear shock: SID, SID SL and SIDLuxe Ultimate rear shock. The three new components are based on the premise of being more stiff and lighter than their previous models.

New range of Rock Shox SID forks and SIDLuxe rear shock

The new SID forks come in two models: SID SL with 100mm of travel and optimized for racing, and the SID with 120mm of travel.  Each model has two versions: Ultimate and Select.

2021 RockShox SID SL

The new Rockshox SID SL includes a new Charger Race Day Damper which is 100g lighter than the previous one (actual weight of the new model is 88g). This damper is slimmer with a smaller oil volume and thinner tubes.

The Charger Race Day is only a two-way damper (open or closed) and there’s no middle setting. This is the same for the Ultimate and the Select models. Rockshox has optimized the damping tune for the XC discipline, where the riders doesn't need this tuning options.

Unlike the previous model, the new 2021 RockShox SID SL has replaced the carbon crown with an machined alloy one. Even so, it is still about 166g lighter, and the brand assures that in the future it could use carbon again in this part. In addition, it is narrower but still supports 2.4" tyres.

The new SID models get a new DebonAir air spring. The air chamber maximizes travel limits and it’s designed to run just 15-25% sag.

The most economical version is the SID SL Select and the only difference with the Ultimate is the cartridge, which mounts the Charger RL, the rest is completely like the Ultimate.

The forks are available in blue or black and the prices range from €649 for the SID SL Select without lockout lever to €949 for the SID SL Ultimate with lockout lever.

2021 RockShox SID

The 2021 SID model offers 120mm of travel with 35mm stanchions and is perfect for those who are not looking for such an aggressive fork in terms of weight and prefer to ride something more versatile.

The chassis of this model has also been redesigned to improve lightness and stiffness.

The RockShox SID is available in a Select version with the Charger SL cartridge and a SID Ultimate version with the new Charger Race Day cartridge. This model is lighter and the brand ensures that it weighs about 1.5kg.

The forks are available in blue or black and prices range from 759 euro for the SID Select without lockout to 1059 euro for the SID Ultimate with lockout.

2021 RockShox SIDLuxe Ultimate rear shock

SIDLuxe Ultimate is a race-optimized rear air shock made specifically for race bikes and bikes up to 120mm of rear travel. His weight is only 227g.

To save a few grams the SIDLuxe Ultimate only has a simple two-circuit adjustment (open or locked out).

By assembling the SID SL Ultimate fork and the SIDLuxe Ultimate rear shock, the brand ensures that the weight saving over previous versions is 200g. 

You can check the official RockShox website for more information on the specifications of the new 2021 SID line.



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