20 history-making moments at the Red Bull Rampage

Mountain bike 07/10/21 10:54 Migue A.

The 2021 edition of the Red Bull Rampage will celebrate its 20th anniversary and to commemorate it they are releasing some videos that capture the best of the event along the years. We recently relived the two decades that the event has been pushing the boundaries of the sport with this video and now we look back at 20 historic moments from the event.

20 moments that marked the Red Bull Rampage

  1. 2001 Crispy Bauman is the first biker in history to jump a drop at Red Bull Rampage
  2. 2001 Godfather Wade Simmons wins the inaugural event
  3. 2001 Steve Peat (DH World Champion) participates in the race
  4. 2003 Cedric Gracia performs the first backflip to win. The sport is accepted by the riders
  5. 2004 Kyle Strait wins with 17 years of age
  6. 2004 Cam Zink attempts the first 360-drop on the Red Rampage but crashes. The seed is planted
  7. 2004 Darren Bearclaw comes in as a reserve, does a Superman Seat Grab and takes third place.
  8. 2008 Red Bull Rampage returns and 17-year-old Brandon Semenuk wins to mark a generation change
  9. 2010 Red Bull Rampage is streamed live
  10. 2010 Brandon Semenuk assembles a large construction team and builds a gap in one of the canyons. The following year everyone has a construction team.
  11. 2010 Cam Zink does a 360 on the Oakley platform gap
  12. 2012 Cam Zink falls flying over the canyon gap
  13. 2013 Kelly McGarry does a backflip over canyon gap
  14. 2013 Cam Zink does a backflip off the highest platform
  15. 2013 Kyle Strait becomes first ever double winner
  16. 2014 Tom Van Steenbergen does the first frontflip at Canyon Gap, but falls down
  17. 2015 Antione Bizet attempts the first double backflip and breaks his arm. He lands it successfully in 2016
  18. 2017 Tom Van Steenbergen makes a Caveman at the exit of his line
  19. 2017 Kurt Sorge becomes first triple winner
  20. 2019 Brandon Semenuk builds the "perfect Rampage race" by combining all the elements of the last two decades to claim his 3rd victory.

Red Bull Rampage 2021 will take place on October 15th and here you can check out the list of participants and all the information about this year's edition.



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