Where does the S-Works label from Specialized come from?

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There are brands that sneak into popular imagination on their own merit. If we focus on the world of cycling, there is no doubt that S-Works is one of those names that everyone who rides a bike associates with some of the best bikes in the world, but what is the origin of this brand?

S-Works, paradigm of cycling excellence

Now it is more common for brands to have a differentiated top of the range to which they seek to give an extra distinguishing point that justifies its price by relying on the best features, the best materials, the most careful elaboration or the most exquisite assemblies. However, when in 1992 Specialized created its S-Works division, the Morgan Hill team were pioneers in raising the limit of their own products.

A division that was born inspired by the aeronautical firm Lockheed Martin, the mythical Skunks Works that created one of the most iconic planes in history, the SR71 Blackbird. With that same philosophy of research, use of the most select materials Specialized put its best men to take a step further their already excellent bikes. The first of them, the mythical mountain bike Stumjumper S-Works.

Currently, S-Works models exclusively use the highest level of available carbon fiber, their Fact 12r, but not only that. They also receive a more careful elaboration, with a precise placement of their fiber layers or the use of the minimum necessary amount of resins to avoid any unnecessary material.

That in terms of bike manufacturing, but S-Works is also research and development of new models and, not only of bikes but also of their components and accessories. Here saddles or shoes are born applying the Body Geometry concept that for decades has sought to adapt the contact points to the cyclist and not the other way around, applying innovations such as the Mirror technology of their saddles that are made by 3D printing.

We also cannot forget the increasing relevance of aerodynamics in the development of products intended for competition. Specialized was also a pioneer in being the first brand to have its own wind tunnel specially designed for the study at reference speeds for a bicycle.

Today, more brands have been creating, either as an independent division or as a product line, this differentiated top of the range. We find clear examples in the CFR models of Canyon, the Reparto Corse of Bianchi or in the Lab71 that Cannondale introduced a few months ago with a philosophy similar to that applied by those from Morgan Hill.



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