What bike is Contador riding? Is he testing a new Aurum Gravel bike?

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In one of the last activities that Alberto Contador has shared on his Strava account he has been seen on a gravel route and with a bike that mounts dirt tyres and big ball. Something that has not gone unnoticed and has triggered rumors about a future Aurum Gravel.

Ivan Basso with his Aurum Magma

Alberto Contador shares a picture with a gravel bike, is it a new Aurum?

Since his retirement from professional cycling, the winner of 7 grand tours and current cycling commentator is involved in a multitude of projects, such as his foundation, the Eolo Kometa team or his own bicycle brand Aurum. And he is very involved in all of them. So much so that we wouldn't be surprised if he himself is still behind the development of new Aurum models.

We recall that this bicycle brand, founded by Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso, only three years ago presented its first model, the exclusive Aurum Magma. A high-end road bike that soon became very popular among enthusiasts and cyclists, but its price left it out of a large part of the market. This was solved a few months ago with the Magma Essentia, a model with a more affordable price but that maintains Aurum's standards and its exclusive character.

Alberto Contador with the Aurum Magma in color "Verde Dolomitas".


All this leaves us with a recently created brand in the midst of increasing its catalog by prioritizing quality over quantity. And if we add to this the fact that gravel is in fashion among unconditional road enthusiasts, Aurum's audience, that we have rarely seen Contador doing this type of routes and that we are trained to recognize when a cyclist or brand tries to hide something in a photo, we can only think that we could soon have a new Aurum model.

Photograph posted by Alberto Contador on his social networks.

As we have already said, the photo is taken in such a way that little information can be extracted from it, but even so we can guess a big ball front tyre with gravel tread, and by size it does not seem that it can be mounted on one of the current Aurum models, so it could be a gravel model in development or that Contador is simply testing another brand's gravel bike.

In any case, and in the absence of information, we have not been the only ones to notice this detail and in Strava's own activity all comments refer to the fact that it could be a future Aurum for gravel.

We will be looking out for more news in the coming weeks or months about this possible new model and Aurum's incursion into gravel.



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Qué bici lleva Contador ¿está probando una nueva Aurum de Gravel?