Vingegaard talks about doping, says he skipped a test and says: I don't take anything, and I don't think the rest of the peloton does either

Road 23/11/23 10:39 Migue A.

Jonas Vingegaard has given an interview in which he spoke openly about the doping taboo. The Danish cyclist denies taking banned substances, explains the incredible story that made him miss a doping test and is cautious about the possible sanctioning of his teammate Michel Hessman.

Vingegaard discusses doping and the ongoing insinuations affecting cycling

The long history of doping positives creates a fog of suspicion surrounding any cyclist who stands out from the rest. Something that happens even now that testing is more thorough and cases have been reduced among the professional peloton. Vingegaard, one of the most important voices in cycling as a two-time Tour winner, has naturally answered all questions on the subject in an interview for the Danish media Ekstra Bladet.

Vingegaard told the anecdote that prevented him from undergoing a doping test. The rider reveals that it happened in 2019 when he was at home: "I had left my cell phone in the kitchen and then our doorbell didn't work. They tried to call me and it was clear that it was impossible to answer." An oversight and an untimely breakdown that could have led to more serious consequences.

The cyclist admits his mistake and acknowledges that it is something he still thinks about. "Of course, it's not right. But they came two days later," to which he adds that "it's something I think about to make sure it doesn't happen again."

He further stated that "I don't take anything, and I don't think the rest of the peloton does either. As I can win the Tour de France twice without taking anything, I also believe that the others don't take anything either...".

Vingegaard noted that he has undergone around 60-70 tests this season. Still, he explained that "I don't think it's that difficult" to comply with the system that forces riders to post the time slots in which they are available for testing.

"You always have to remember. It's a mess, but when I'm at home it's not so hard." The Dane usually chooses the slot between 7:00 and 8:00 to make sure he's home.

On the other hand, he was satisfied with the increase in controls, which he described as "something positive". Despite this, he understands that for the fan it may not be enough to dispel all doubts. "It's good to be tested constantly. In a way, it helps. All the tests are negative, but in a way, it rings hollow because twenty years ago testing was also done."

The Dane went on to argue that "in a way, riders can still cheat, so I don't want to just say, as was done in the old days, that I'm the rider who tests the most. I don't test positive. They did something then, and people will undoubtedly believe that racers will do it again."

The interview focused on one of the topics of the moment, the case that directly affects his teammate Michel Hessman. The German could receive a four-year ban after testing positive for a banned diuretic substance.

"I don't know how it got into his body," Vingegaard replied. "But I think the biggest fear of every cyclist is that you get it through some food or something you eat, and that way you test positive without your intention having been cheating, but you still get it in your body."

Vingegaard thinks that "it's a shame that we are suffering from what happened 20-30 years ago," referring to the darkest era of doping. "I don't want to hide it, but as it has happened, I still think it's important to talk about the past. Because if you sweep it under the rug, it's clear that people can still not care that everybody cheats."

"If you talk about it, there's a better chance of not cheating, I think. Maybe it's a way to prevent it from happening in the future," the Jumbo-Visma rider stated.



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