Van der Poel sweats more than usual but wins again at the Hoogerheide World Cup

Cyclocross 28/01/24 16:19 Migue A.

Van der Poel takes the victory in the Hoogerheide World Cup. Without his usual spark, the Dutchman worked the race until he found the path to victory with a second attack he perpetrated on the penultimate lap. Nys showed great form, although it was Nieuwenhuis and Ronhaar who accompanied the rainbow on the podium.

Van der Poel works hard for victory in the Hoogerheide World Cup 

The clouds covered the sky of Hoogerheide when the fifty-four riders who had met at the last CX World Cup of the season began to move the cranks. An incident at the start took the options of Hendrikx -who was visibly in pain on the ground- and his teammate Meeussen.

Van der Haar prevailed in the early stages of the race, while Sweeck made a great start and positioned himself behind the Dutchman's wheel. For his part, Van der Poel assumed a secondary role in fifth position, flanked ahead and behind by a large group of cyclists. Khun took the lead, although it was Nieuwenhuis who held the lead for a considerable time.

Nieuwenhuis, Iserbyt, Khun, Ronhaar and Van der Poel took the top positions, while the differences still did not appear: the huge leading group -in which Felipe Orts- was also found- extended beyond where the eye could see. A crash by Adams when taking a left turn and a stumble by Kamp on the boards -which took him to the ground along with a Vanthourenhout who could not avoid it- helped to mark some differences.

The race entered a new phase when it reached the third lap. Iserbyt commanded at the front of a Van der Poel who seemed increasingly closer to awakening; while Ronhaar, Vandebosch and Vandeputte sheltered behind the rainbow's back. From there, the group stretched and lost units as the clock added minutes.

Ronhaar took the helm and the differences became evident; the race gained in intensity and the leading group was finally defined: Ronhaar, Nys, Iserbyt, Van der Poel and Nieuwenhuis.

Ronhaar's ride ceased. No one presented their candidacy to pick up the Dutchman's baton and the stragglers took the opportunity to get back on the first wagon. Transition moment in which the leaders' strategy was to catch their breath -as much as possible- before facing the decisive part of the race.

However, time again left in the lead the same five riders who had already occupied that place of privilege. Movement of Ronhaar in the home straight to tension the group: Van der Poel responded with discipline and the others, although they took time to reconnect, ended up doing so. Without manifest attacks, the head added riders at times.

Van der Poel took the lead for the first time in the day. And a few seconds later came the attack. The Orange Beast stood up from the bike and hammered the pedals to put some distance. Nys offered an instant response and hooked onto the rainbow in the breakaway.

Nys resisted Van der Poel's onslaughts with aplomb who, after checking that he had run out of the expected booty, slowed down so that Nieuwenhuis, Iserbyt and company could rejoin. Order was restored in a race from which no one wanted to say goodbye to victory.

Nieuwenhuis took the lead but the equality remained. The race was consumed and the group remained as compact as at the beginning. Until Van der Poel spurred on the penultimate lap. The Dutchman took advantage of a slope to try to shake off his travel companions for the second time. The opposition was deserted except for a contentious Nys who again replicated the ride.

However, the passing of the curves and the arrival of the asphalt gave wings to a Van der Poel who this time had found the definitive crack. In addition, a fall by Nys frustrated the hopes of the young Belgian and was absorbed by the riders coming from behind.

Van der Poel tied the victory in a last lap in which he left no options for his pursuers. The rainbow pedaled firmly to the finish line and,  despite being less fresh and inspired than other days, certified the victory -already twelve in thirteen races this season- in the Hoogerheide World Cup.

The pulse that the chasing group was fighting fell on the side of Nieuwenhuis- second- and Ronhaar -third-, while Nys was left out of the podium by a whisker and Iserbyt -fifth- took the general classification.

Elite Men's Results - CX World Cup Hoogerheide

  1. Mathieu Van der Poel 1h02'57"
  2. Joris Nieuwenhuis +5"
  3. Pim Ronhaar +9"
  4. Thibau Nys +9"
  5. Eli Iserbyt +9’’
  6. Joran Wyseure +21"
  7. Lars Van der Haar +28"
  8. Clement Venturini +38"
  9. Felipe Orts +45"
  10. Timon Ruegg +56"



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