Van der Poel accepted the challenge and will now have to do an Ironman

Mountain bike 18/11/23 08:26 Migue A.

A couple of years ago Mathieu van der Poel was already the protagonist in one of the videos on Average Rob's Youtube channel. In that video he taught them some cyclocross techniques and promised that he would return to the channel to give them mountain bike tips. Van der Poel has delivered.

Van der Poel gives some mountain bike tips in this fun video and sneaks in his next promise

In both this and the previous video, it is one of the few times we have been able to see the reigning road World Champion in a relaxed manner in front of the cameras, so for that alone it is worth watching. And you can see that Van der Poel really does look like a great mountain bike teacher.

The problem is that at the end of the video, Mathieu promises that if the video gets more than 42,000 likes he will do an Ironman and in just 5 days he has already surpassed 82,000. Will we see Van der Poel do an Ironman?



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Van der Poel aceptó el reto y ahora tendrá que hacer un Ironman


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Van der Poel a accepté le défi et devra faire un Ironman


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Van der Poel aceitou o desafio e agora terá que fazer um Ironman