The UCI MTB World Cup also has a new final trophy

Mountain bike 26/09/23 12:30 Migue A.


The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup is coming to an end in its different modalities and one of the latest novelties of this new era together with Warner is the trophy. The winners of the overall classification will receive a new trophy that was released a few days ago.

On the beech wood base will be inscribed the name of the current champions, on the body of the trophy will appear all the historical winners and on the glass and pyrite ball the new symbol of the UCI Mountain Bike World Series.

This is the new trophy for mountain bike World Cup winners

Until now, the winners of the World Cup received a trophy made of glass that has become very recognizable over the years, but in 2023 the UCI Mountain Bike World Series has started a new era and the trophy is one of the most identifying pieces of a competition, so they have decided to change it as well.

The new UCI Mountain Bike World Cup General Trophy to be awarded to the overall winners in each discipline is made of Scottish beech wood, pyrite crystal and polished brass. According to the organizer, the Trophy encapsulates the history and heritage of World Cup racing. The metal pyrite globe is a tribute to the previous original glass trophy from the 1990s, and now features the arrows, the new image of the competition, representing the endurance and downhill disciplines of the UCI Mountain Bike World Series.

On the brass body is a trail with each and every one of the historic winners of the UCI World Cup and the Enduro World Series so far, engraved by hand. And on the solid wood base will be inscribed the names of the new winners. The beech wood symbolizes the forest and the sport's connection to nature.


Isabeau Courdurier with the new trophy as the winner of the 2023 Enduro World Cup.

The Enduro World Cup was the first to award this trophy on September 17, to be followed by the overall XCM winners at Snowshoe and the XCO and DH winners on October 8 at Mont Sainte Anne, Canada.



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