The twisted brake levers are over, the UCI will ban this position in 2024

Road 14/12/23 18:48 Migue A.

At the beginning of the year, it became fashionable in the peloton to twist the brake levers extremely inward on the handlebars. This achieved a more aerodynamic position that complied with the new UCI regulations approved this same year. From 2024 this position will also be illegal.

The UCI appeals to the safety of cyclists and announces that in 2024 it will not be possible to twist the brake levers

In January 2023, a new UCI regulation came into force on the minimum width of handlebars and the position of cyclists on the bicycle.

This rule change was made to ensure their safety against extreme aerodynamic postures, and among other things, cyclists now must always have their hands in contact with the handlebar or brake levers.

But soon the peloton figured out how to maintain the same position without breaking the rules and it was the cyclist Pello Bilbao the first, many more came after, that we saw circumvent the rule by twisting the brake levers to be able to be in contact with them while adopting an aerodynamic posture on his time trial bike.

The UCI took note of this new trend and now announces that by 2024 this brake lever configuration will be illegal. And it does so arguing that the extreme inclination towards the inside of the handlebar can limit the reaction speed and braking capacity of cyclists, which poses a risk in the race. 

Even without knowing what the new measures will be, the UCI has announced that it will restrict this position in 2024 and by 2025 new regulations will come into force for manufacturers on the installation of brake levers on bicycles.



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